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Plasma 5 Applets 106 comments

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Mar 23 2015
Did you change the password of the wallet to empty successfully or not? - Nov 18 2017
Try assigning an empty password to the wallet - Nov 18 2017
KWallet (kwalletd5) should ask for your login and password then. I don't know why it doesn't. If you know how you can also use the kaccounts branch (, which lets you configure an online account in the system settings. - Nov 18 2017
Hello, do you have KWallet running? - Nov 18 2017
Try to clean the build directory and then rerun cmake and make again. If it doesn't work I suggest you ask on the forum of your distribution. - Mar 31 2017
You need to install qtdeclarative5-dev.
When you encounter an error like this, just google the name of the missing file (in this case Qt5QuickConfig.cmake) + ubuntu, usually the result from tells you the name of the package you need - Mar 30 2017
As the error says, you need to install the Extra Cmake Modules. The name of the package depends on your distribution. - Mar 30 2017
You need to have kwalletd5 running - Jun 01 2016
You can't install it with GetHotNewStuff, because it works only with purely scripted plasmoids. (I know, it's misleading but there is only one category available for Plasma 5 plasmoids)
You have to install it manually. (ie download the source, extract, go in the directory, mkdir build, cd build, cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DLIB_INSTALL_DIR=lib -DKDE_INSTALL_USE_QT_SYS_PATHS=ON, then make and make install) - Apr 16 2016
You can only use one account at a time. If you use the kaccounts branch in git you can setup multiple accounts, but the plasmoid will check only one of them (that you can choose in "current account"). - Jan 19 2016
What's the name of the package in OBS? - Dec 28 2015
You can try to compile the kaccounts branch from git. (You'll need to install something called kaccounts-integration) Let me know if you have issues.

I should really update this... - Dec 28 2015
I had no idea this existed. I'll look into it. - May 28 2015
> Do you plan to add possibility to choose between opening Gmail or Inbox By Gmail after clicking on unread mail?
I'm sorry but I don't understand what you mean. Can you elaborate? - May 28 2015
How did you install it?
The error message contains a space that shouldn't be there in "org.kde.plasma.private .gmailfeed " (the one in the middle), can you make sure the space isn't here in /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.gmailfeed/contents/ui/main.qml?
Can you post the output of "ls /usr/lib/qt/qml/org/kde/plasma/private/"?
- May 17 2015
It's a deamon running in the background. I just checked, signond should start automatically when needed so it's not that.
Can you post the output of:
cat ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc | grep accountId - Apr 29 2015
Do you have signond running? - Apr 29 2015
Now you right click on the plasmoid > settings and select a current account - Apr 29 2015
It may come but not immediately - Apr 29 2015
You have to install thoses packages from extra, and then you install kdeplasma-applets-gmailfeed-git from the AUR, but with a modified PKGBUILD (if you use yaourt say 'yes' when it asks if you want to modify if) and replace
source=('git://') - Apr 29 2015
Which distro? Did you install the knotifications dev package? - Apr 29 2015
You also need qml-module-qtquick-xmllistmodel - Apr 29 2015
Thanks for pointing this out. - Apr 29 2015
There's something in the git repo kaccounts branch. It uses oauth2. It works fine, if you want to check it out. You'll need kaccounts-providers, kaccounts-integration and intltool.

Multi-accounts might come at some point. - Apr 29 2015
I don't know how to build a deb. I'd suggest you ask on a debian/ubuntu forum.
However, here is how to install it manually:

You'll need the following packages:

Then in the source directory, do:
mkdir build
cd build
sudo make install - Apr 28 2015
No, it won't work with kde4. Porting it shouldn't be too hard, I won't do it though because I don't use kde4 anymore. - Dec 20 2014
Thank you. You might also want to use -DKDE_INSTALL_USE_QT_SYS_PATHS=ON since that's what they use for the other plasmoids. - Dec 20 2014
Wicd Client KDE

Network 90 comments

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Feb 07 2013
What I need is the backtrace given by Dr Konqui.
Also please be sure that wicd-deamon is running before adding the applet to the panel. - Mar 18 2012
yes there is a problem with the build on KDE 4.5. This will be fixed in the next version, the fix is available here: - Mar 07 2012
No but if you still use Wicd 1.7.0 you can try Wicd Client KDE v0.2.3. You'll need at least kdelibs 4.5 though. - Feb 19 2012
It seems to work fine here. Could you provide a screenshot? - Sep 05 2011
this is actually the intended behaviour. These icons do not describe status, but actions. So if the network is connected, the action the button triggers is "disconnect", thus the disconnect icon.
The status of the connection is displayed in the statusbar at the bottom. - Aug 09 2011
Hi, sorry for the delay.
The really weird part is that you don't see that happening with wicd-gtk, because wicd-kde is just listening to the wicd daemon, just like the gtk client. Would you mind trying again the gtk client alongside wicd-kde, just to be sure?
Also you can check if the signals emitted by the daemon match what you see in the client by using
dbus-monitor --system | grep ScanSignal
This should tell you when the Start and End signals are send through dbus. - Apr 23 2011
>wicd-kde enters in a loop refreshing automatically wireless networks every few seconds
Could you be more specific? Does that mean that it triggers a full scan? Does it seem to wait for the previous scan to be completed? Does it happens even if the window is closed? The more info, the better.
Thanks - Apr 14 2011
this is interesting, but I don't think adding distro-specific tweaks to the source is the proper way to do it. - Apr 14 2011
|It did not show any of my network interface (eth0 and wlan0) it just showed an empty box when I refresh nothing happens.
Can you tell me what distro and which version of KDE you are using so I can try to reproduce?
|Is this application just a frondend client for the wicd daemon?
Exactly, this is just a front-end, you will need the wicd daemon from your distribution.
|I would appreciate some clarification in the installation procedure
There is an INSTALL file in the tarball which contains the instructions to compile. I can't add things such as "which packages does it depend on", because it's really distro specific.
Which leads me to:
|My biggest issues concerning the wicd daemon is that installing it also pulls in the gtk client for wicd. I really don't know how the two can be reconciled.
On all the distributions I've tried, I have been able to install the deamon alone. Which one are you using? - Oct 20 2010
Thank you! - Sep 29 2010
Could you please look at this page and see if it helps?
If not, please paste here the output of the "make install" command. Just the end, so that I can see what is installed and where. - Sep 16 2010
Ok, let's try this:
You probably have the digital-clock plasmoid somewhere on your desktop. (If not, run "plasmoidviewer digital-clock")
- Right click > Adjust Date and Time
- Change something so that you can click the Apply button
- Click the button
Does it ask you for the password?
- Sep 16 2010
does it work with the gtk client? - Sep 15 2010
error 4 is AuthorizationDenied. Does the error appears before or after KAuth prompts you for the root password?
Also, have you uninstalled everything before reinstalling? - Sep 15 2010
1- Probably my fault since the changelog seems misleading, but if you talk about not remembering the size when you quit the application, this is normal. Please see my answer to Musikolo at the bottom of page 2.
2- Hmm what I got from the doc is: "An error from D-Bus occurred." I'm not sure of where this might come from. Could you please try to recompile using
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` ..
instead of cmake ../ ? (don't forget to reinstall after that)
3- That's because the notifications are not implemented yet. - Sep 14 2010
1- Isn't the "Name" field supposed to be for the app name? I mean like KMix or Konqueror? And then the "GenericName" would be more descriptive, like "Wicd client for KDE". I know I translated the "Name" string in the desktop file, but maybe there was no point of doing it...
2 and 5- Thanks!
3- Ok they are two things here:
The first is the bug you pointed out in your first comment, I didn't expected the window not to remember its size when you close it. Not quit, just close. This is now fixed.
The second thing is what you are pointing out now, that is the window does not remember its size between "sessions". This is on the TODO list, but I haven't really looked into that yet.
4- That's true. Will do ;) - Sep 14 2010
Yes, I'm aware of that problem, this is fixed in git ;) - Sep 12 2010
thanks but I decided to go with another solution (see above).
There is no clean way to change the icons at the moment, because the app uses the system icons. So technically you can change them, but this will have effects on all your system, so I do not recommend it.
Note that this might change in the near future, so stay tuned. - Sep 12 2010
1- KWicd seems to be used by another project... But I changed my mind, go for "Wicd client for KDE". You win ;)
2- I agree with you, we need something more visual. I'm not very skilled at drawing icons, so at first I might just take the ones from the NetworkManager applet (they look quite similar to the current ones, with a blue gauge on the right hand side).
3- ;)
4- The problem with removing the connect/disconnect buttons in the list is that they are the only way to toggle a connection with only one clic (note that you can also toggle a connection by double-clicking in the list). I don't want to loose that. So considering this, I don't think making the "Disconnect (all)" button "smarter" is necessary. To be honest, I don't use this button myself, but I decided to put it there because it was present in the gtk client, so I thought some people might want it.
Thank you for taking the time to explain your thoughts! - Sep 12 2010
Thank you for your comments.
1- Well "Wicd Client KDE" is just the name of the application (I admit I was short on ideas :p), does it sound that bad? If it's just for the window title, "Wicd Client for KDE" seems a little bit too verbose to me, maybe just "Wicd client"?
2- hmm I'm not sure i understand... The tray icon is actually changing with the signal strength, but maybe it is hard to see. Or maybe you want to display "xx%" over the icon?
3- Thanks for pointing that out.
4- Again, maybe I misunderstand, but what you describe is how the behaviour is supposed to be and how it behaves for me. But maybe it's a bug... could you please eleborate or provide screenshots? - Sep 10 2010
Thanks for your suggestion. I still have to figure out how the other applications get their monochromatic icons (if they provide them or if they are part of the icon set), but I haven't upgraded to 4.5 yet so I'll get back to that later.
ps: thanks for the gentoo ebuild ;) - Sep 10 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 21 comments

Score 75.5%
Oct 10 2011
Thank you for your plasmoid, it's very useful. I have some comments about it though, I hope you don't mind ;)

-I think you included the wrong in the package, as it doesn't contains the import locale fix.
-You should put your plasmoid in the category "plasmoid script" instead of "plasmoid binary", so that it can be downloaded directly with KGHNS, instead of having to be installed manually.
-To fix the visual glitch mentioned in the comments, you can use setFlag(QGraphicsItem.ItemClipsChildrenToShape) on the scrollwidget.
-Instead of shipping your own icons with the plasmoid, you can use those shipped with KDE, since the plasmoid requires Plasma to run anyway, right? ;)
So instead of this:
icon23 = QIcon()
icon23.addPixmap(QPixmap(self.applet.package().filePath("ui","add.png")), QIcon.Normal, QIcon.Off)
You can do this:
-Using the "list-remove" icon would be more consistent than the "edit-delete" icon.
-Same goes for "view-refresh" instead of "edit-redo".

I think that's all, thanks again! - Oct 05 2011
Simple NVidia Info

Plasma 4 Extensions 35 comments

Score 83.6%
May 08 2011
Same problem as the others, 8600M GT, and same output for the commands you asked.
But here's a(n obvious) patch that works for me (tm)

def _updatelabel(self):
- sensor=commands.getoutput("nvidia-settings -q [thermalsensor:0]/ThermalSensorReading | grep thermalsensor");
- sensor=sensor[sensor.find("):")+2:sensor.find(".")+1];
+ sensor=commands.getoutput("nvidia-settings -q [gpu:0]/GPUCoreTemp | grep gpu:0");
+ sensor=sensor[sensor.find("):")+2:sensor.find(".")];
sensor+="C"; - Dec 30 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions
by melongex

Score 75.5%
9   Oct 05 2011