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I Wish

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It just happens to be a troll with decent material, still a troll. Voting bad ;)

Hmm. I thought the vote optinions were '[Bad][Good]' rather than '[Disagree][Agree]'. - Dec 18 2004
I Wish

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Do all of you guys share the same brain. Is everyone you disagree with automatically a troll. Believe it or not, some people do not like Linux but are forced to use it because of work or other reasons. I make this wallpaper to appeal to them. This is not - Dec 18 2004
GNU's Not Usable

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Wow, ten minutes and there's already a post calling me an idiot. This wallpaper is not a troll. It is meant for people with a sense of humor. It's a sort of antidote to the lame stuff usually posted on here. - Dec 18 2004