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Anders Lund

Icon Sub-Sets by dave 245 comments

I've been fancying Nuvola for some time now, but with the latest update, it becumes allmost unusable in my standard setup. The icons for the kmail actions (reply, reply all, forward) hardly differs, and even the navigation icons are hard to separate in 22px, impossible in 16px.

The "Up" icon is misleading - up is not north-east, it is *north*, as well as down is south rather than south-west...

The rest is nice as usual, though :) - Jul 17 2003
Konqueror LongShine

Various Stuff by superfreak 12 comments

I can't help loving that :)

Maybe one of the flat widget styles can be used to achieve something like that?

I never noticed a window decoration style like that one, but I like it.

The main problems is that KDE/Konq does not support mixing neither menubar/toolbars nor statusbar/toolbars, something that probably won't be changed (?) - Dec 17 2002
KPIM Workspace

Various Stuff by kborrey 3 comments

There is a project called kaplan embracing kde-pim parts. It is are waiting for kmail and knode parts, but the project has started. - Jun 08 2002

Icon Sub-Sets by xtronic 26 comments

I really like those icons. I have 2 issues though:
1) the filter icon - exp in small sizes - is not very easy to decode. I use this icon in the kate file selector, and I would like if it had a clean message:)
2) The icon for konqueror is too blurry looking at, again worse in small sizes. I think making the K larger would help, but the colors in the globe and part of the K are too equal for it to really shine.

Otherwise, again I love it! Keep it coming:) - Jun 01 2002