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Yulian Konchunas Khartsizsk, Ukraine
Plasma Color Schemes
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 305 comments

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Oct 22 2010
Try to insert: find_package(KDE4)
after PROJECT (kcm_gk4)
(to second string)
in CMakeLists.txt in the binary file folder

And about path, maybe /usr/lib/kde4 ? - May 21 2008
Where did you install app from? From source or binary? - May 20 2008
Sorry, but i can't understand, are you proposing me to include it in KDE4, or are you asking if it will be included? - May 14 2008
Icons don't reseting. In 0.6.1 state isn't saved, but icons must apply. But i can't say nothing about style. Could you send me /home/<user>/.kde4/share/config/gtkrc-2.0 ? I'll try to analyze and fix the problem - May 10 2008
Did you unpack qt4 theme into /home/<user>/.themes ? And dont be afraid window - it's normally, elements takes focus by this way :) - May 05 2008
You must do cmake and sudo make install from top folder of app, not from src subfolder. Did you do it right? - May 04 2008
You mustn't choose this theme. Select "Use current KDE style" instead of qt4 theme. You copied this because this is using like a folder structure for generating copy of your KDE style. - Apr 29 2008
Yes, i'll begin to do it from the next version. Thanks! - Apr 22 2008
You must do theese file readonly, as my app do, and change it to writeonly every time, when you want to change something - Apr 21 2008
You must install kde4 development package.
And then recompile - Apr 20 2008
Did you write -DCMAKE-INSTALL-PREFIX correct? Try to do it again< and don't forget about prefix ;) - Apr 19 2008
Read source better, next time ;) My app is generating pixmaps for GTK theme from your current KDE style, all you need is to choose "Use current KDE style" and press "Apply" to create GTK copy of KDE appearance. Good luck! :) - Apr 12 2008
No thanks, i needn't help in coding part of my app. I only need help of translators. But thank you for your proposition - Apr 11 2008
Could tou show me 6th string of gtkrc-2.0 file? - Apr 10 2008
Could tou show me 6 string of gtkrc-2.0 file? - Apr 10 2008
Try to use "sudo make uninstall"

Or delete manually:
<path_to_kde>/share/icons/gk4icon.png - Apr 03 2008
Maybe my app more stable than gtk-qt4. That's all :( - Mar 26 2008
My project use pixmaps to copy style, his use shared obeject (*.so) to make the same task. Our projects have own advantages and flaws. - Mar 26 2008
onlinelli, Fenix-TX
Thank you for translations, but it would be better if you sent them to my email, which you can find in the About window.;)
- Mar 25 2008
No, i am lonely developer ;) And i have very slow internet to use SVN - Mar 25 2008
I'm very glad, that you helped me to describe how to install app. But now i'm starting to do the little revolution! xD
Version 0.6 is coming to you! ;) - Mar 24 2008
It was my mistake in source. Now try to download app again. - Mar 21 2008
I can't understand. Are you trying to use KDE theme or another GTK theme? - Mar 10 2008
Unpack archieve using file-roller or tar. And then compile - Feb 22 2008
Sorry me, please for curved source, i forgot to pack there new form1.h file. i fixed it. If you have error with tableitem, download the new version of source. Thanks for info! - Feb 19 2008
I understand this problem maybe connected with qt4.4. I guess they remake function, which i use to draw toolbar backrounds and slider backgrounds. I'll fix it in 0.4.2. Thank you for info, and sorry for inconvenience. - Feb 17 2008
Look at the srennshot of synaptic, there are no borders around the buttons. I don't know what it can be, but try to install main PNG libraries, or try to compile Source Code, no binary. - Feb 17 2008
Hello! It seem that nothing wrong with colors. It may be problem of transparency.
Try to rebuild theme(start app, check "Use KDE style", press "OK" again). If not, try to install gtk-engines-pixmap & gtk2-engines-pixbuf, and rebuild theme again. - Feb 17 2008
Don't use Dolphin tar-manger to unpack arhives, it still buggy, try to unpack theme by file-roller etc. - Feb 16 2008
I didn't think it can make a problem
Thanks for info, i'll delete it from next version. :) - Feb 15 2008
You need no makefile editing. qmake -unix must overwrite it using your system configuration. If not, then delete it and type qmake -unix again. But i'll think about configurator. Thanks! - Feb 15 2008
Hey, you need to check "Use current KDE style". Qt4 mustn't appear in styles list,
I removed it specially :) - Feb 15 2008
I thought it's not neccessary. But if you want... It will be fixed in 0.4.1 - Feb 15 2008
Are you joking? Try other ways. I can advice you something:
1.Delete .pro and Makefile.
2.Use qmake-qt4 insted of qmake
3.Try to update qt. - Feb 15 2008
Try to delete .pro file. And then:
qmake -project
qmake -unix
make - Feb 15 2008
Sorry for inconvenience. Thanks for info. Link fixed! - Feb 15 2008
I wrote in Description: dont use default color scheme, use Oxygen instead. And wait for release i fixed it ;) - Feb 12 2008
Thank you for this valuable information. I don't know why, but i use it without this package. - Feb 08 2008
Try to install gtk-engines-pixmap :) - Feb 08 2008
I don't know why, but some apps, like synaptic, file-roller etc. need special styles. For example i use Human style in Ubuntu for all these things. Try to enable firefox themes, to make it more beautiful.
And about how-to: i surprised! Is it so difficult? - Feb 08 2008
Don't unpack source with dolphin tar manger, try file-roller. - Feb 08 2008
Tell me if you have problems with my app. I'll try to fix them! :) - Feb 08 2008
libqt4-core libqt4-gui libqt4-dev - Feb 07 2008
It seems that dolphin tar-manager still buggy:) Try to unpack by file-roller or ark. - Feb 06 2008
Do another styles work?
Where your kde4 home path directed? - Feb 06 2008

Audio Apps 20 comments

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May 05 2008
I would be glad to use your app, but don't you think qt3 is old thing, and it's time to make innovations with qt4? - May 06 2008
KDE4 Panel Configurator

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 12 comments

Score 58.0%
Apr 16 2008
I unable to do this, moving - part of plasma panel, so it would be better if you suggest this to Plasma developers. Sorry :( - May 04 2008
You can do it by pressing right button on panel. I don't think it's neccessary to include this function into my app - Apr 23 2008
I'll be glad to do it, but it's impossible, because it's plasma problem
You can manually restart plasma by killing it in System Activity list, then press Alt+F2 and type "plasma". But it may cause problems with tray ;) - Apr 23 2008
Could you write me, what you want to see in this app? - Apr 22 2008
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Oct 09 2011
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9   Nov 21 2018
Works fine, Thank you!
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9   Feb 27 2012

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