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by aramm
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Aug 14 2005
Thanks for your suggestion. I have already started looking into it, but time is limited at the moment. Things will definetely happen in that direction, they just might take some time. - Feb 03 2005
Thanks for sharing those ideas.

Yes, MateEdit uses it's own protocol. This is quite simple at this stage (user joins, user leaves, chat message, insert operation, and delete operation), but I am sure additional operations will follow.

Kopete integration with sharing chat messages via any protocol could be done. Instead of drawers, I think "dragging" people into a MateEdit session would be the way to go.

Painting is really something different as the current algorithm and the protocol work on text only.

Rich-text could be achieved as well, but would add complexity.

I think though that for all applications to be collaborative more developers are needed. But I like the idea :) So if you are keen, join the team ;) - Jan 22 2005
Thank you for your comment. Glad you like it. If you have some more specific they would be appreciated. More features will definetely come, but if you would like to see anything in particular please tell me. - Jan 21 2005
Thank you for your comment. I had thought about integrating it into Kopete, just haven't gotten around to it yet. What sort of integration did you have in mind though? If you could tell me a bit more about how you think it should be integrated that would be great - Jan 21 2005