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Aaron Randall

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by dbera 42 comments

I love kbeaglebar! It took a little bit of searching to find this (I was googling for a 'spotlight' replacement for linux) but I'm really happy I did.

I'm using the debian download (Debian testing/unstable kBeagleBar-0.2) and the only thing that seems to be wrong with it is that when I click on the button to clear the text field, the whole box shifts to the right, hiding some of it off the screen. Hopefully that can be fixed sometime? Oh and when my exams are over I may look into trying to sort out that interesting logo for you too ;)

Other than that THANK YOU for such an awesome little app. I definitely think if more people knew this existed there would be a huge demand for it.

Great work :) - Dec 12 2007