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Andrew Enyart Atlanta, United States of America
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Icon Sub-Sets
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Icon Sub-Sets by arenyart 8 comments

Great advice! Thank you. I realized the flash disk problem after uploading it and will fix it with the next release which should be installable. As far as the hard drive--- if someone is using KDE at this point, they probably know what a platter looks like. Let the newbies have there Crystal, this is for users not lusers. To answer the previous question on how to download this, this is a glimpse at a soon to be released iconset---please be patient. Right now, I am taking feedback, request and, if you really want to help, donations.
Visit for more info. - Aug 25 2006
City Scape

Wallpaper Other by arenyart 3 comments

That is not KBFX my friend---that is good ol' kmenu. - Aug 07 2006
Linux almost to tripy

Wallpaper Other by slacker9078 2 comments

"to" should be "too" - Jul 12 2006
Sorry for the assumption---it looked very similar. If you want the resources from my kdexp theme, you can still find them at "". I will leave that site up for anyone interested, but decided to remove it from KDE-look. - Jul 09 2006
The button in question was mine. I was wrong for posting it here and have since taken it off. It was a copy from a screenshot---not original. If the poster feels, as I do, that KDE is superior to Winodws(R), then I hope he reconsiders this posting. Please, create---don't copy! - Jul 08 2006
ubuntu logo svg

Cliparts by methos789 3 comments

Why release something that has already been released. I'm not denying your effort in doing it--just suggesting that you focus your effort on something that hasn't already been done. - Jul 08 2006
LoGloss SVG

Icon Sub-Sets by arenyart 44 comments

Just rename the blue icon that you want as default to "folder.png" - Jul 08 2006
Picture Phone Girl

Various Stuff by arenyart 2 comments

Yes, this is all in Inkskape. Thank you for your comment. I find that working as if I were sculpting helps. What I mean is start with the large basic shapes and chisel away at the details by adding gradient highlights and shadows to define the shape. The hard part for me is stopping, because I always feel like I can add more detail. Most of the time, the final version is the one that I subtract everything I don't need. Happy hacking! - Jul 05 2006

Wallpaper Other by DaBlade 2 comments

I took almost that exact same photo the other night and was deabating posting it here. What are the chances of that happening? I guess they aren't too bad if you consider how many people post here :) - Jun 27 2006

Wallpaper Other by rcbell 6 comments

I think you should get rid of the text, or get the Mac and PC metaphors right and make the image of Stallman less blurry. Its freaking hard to see. I might also make the GNU/Linux box black (if you get my point ;)

Also, should we be worried about the Apple copyright on this work. The last thing KDE needs is for Apple to shut us down. - Jun 21 2006
Smiling camel

Wallpaper Other by marta334 1 comment

Not to deter you from posting on kde-look, but why post this here? It looks like something you would post on a blog or family website. I am not being mean or anything, just friendly criticism. If you are going to post a wallpaper---at least make it look like a wallpaper (perhaps ad some depth of field or lighting enhancements). Also, try to make it correlate with KDE somehow --- this could maybe work for a perl logo with some editing. - May 19 2006
KSplash/ML (Release 0.20)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by detsaot 23 comments

"Here it is possible
- Apr 28 2006
LoGloss SVG

Icon Sub-Sets by arenyart 44 comments

Make sure to use the buildset script first. Then link to the file script creates, not the one you installed. The way it works is by taking one size icon and creating all the other sizes from that. This keeps the file size down, but the iconset is pretty much useless unless you run the script. It takes a while to do it's job---be patient. - Apr 25 2006
LoGloss SVG

Icon Sub-Sets by arenyart 44 comments

I haven't released them yet. I will soon! When I do I will post a link to my site and everyone can download the SVG sources and make changes. I would like to see other people's derivatives. Sorry for the delay. - Apr 24 2006
LoGloss SVG

Icon Sub-Sets by arenyart 44 comments

Unzip the file and run the buildscript. That will produce another file "LoGloss.tar.bz2". Open kcontrol and click on the "icons" expander. Click "install new theme", then just point to the location of the "LoGloss.tar.bz2" file. Viola! As a side note, I usually use Cezanne and Vista Inspirate to fill in the gaps in this theme. To do this simply drag the "128x128" and "32x32" into Cezanne and run the buildscript included in that package. - Apr 22 2006

Wallpapers Arch by arenyart 4 comments

It's "blended" for Dekorator. - Apr 20 2006

Wallpapers Arch by arenyart 4 comments

About the screenshots. I was going to submit a screenshot of a desktop using LoGloss SVG and some of my other graphics. I realized I have been looking at the same "macro grass" wallpaper for way too long and decided to come up with a new one. I wanted something dark and calming and I ended up with this. Instead of just posting a screenshot, I thought I should just go ahead and post the wallpaper as well (even though it is a bit simplistic). So here I am, killing two birds with one stone. - Apr 20 2006
LoGloss SVG

Icon Sub-Sets by arenyart 44 comments

Just run the script---wait a while and it spits out a "LoGloss.tar.bz2" file. Then install using kcontrol -> icons -> install new icons. You can also use this script to splice these in with other icons (I use Cezanne and Vista inspirate for what I call "Melting Pot" icon set). Have fun! - Apr 19 2006
Yet another Dapper Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Dapper 3 comments

Hey! Are those my folder icons :) I'm glad to see someone using them. They look great mixed with Cezanne. Look for updates in the near future. - Apr 19 2006
LoGloss SVG

Icon Sub-Sets by arenyart 44 comments

OK--First off the buildset script is included to help you integrate these with other icons. This is not one you can just drag and drop into kcontrol. Also, running the buildset without supplying other icons (like Cezanne or Crystal) does pretty much nothing. Have hope though, for this is just the beginning. I am still making boat-loads of icons. Soon, it will be a whole set! Until then I shall tease you with these. - Apr 18 2006
Basic Widget style and SVG Template

KDE 3.5 Themes by arenyart 12 comments

The frames around everything are 3d in the Motif style (meaning they appear to project from the screen). I don't know how to make a code based theme so I use the builtin "" which uses pixmaps. There is no way with basicstyle to change the frame deco's---only things such as buttons, comboboxes, sliders etc. If I am wrong, please tell me how. I am learning to code a style and am working on a Dekorator inspired design. You could build an entire theme set and install it simply by pointing to the *.tgz. It would be based off a template where you could just insert your svg's or pixmaps into the allotted area and viola---it would make a style. If you are a coder and want to help, email me. - Apr 11 2006
SVG Templates

Various Stuff by arenyart 4 comments

Yes, I created everything myself. You can download the svg and use anything you want. It is "all" svg (no raster images to "provide"). The point was show how I create my themes. I don't just make a dekorator theme. I start with the wallpaper, and design everything around it. Once you create a mockup, it is childsplay to cut it up and use it for your favorite theming devices. - Apr 08 2006
Vistesque-Mod for Lipstik

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by bonafide 120 comments

Just type alien -c "filename".rpm as root ---filename being the rpm of the mod located at ""

This will convert it to a .deb that you can then install with ease. If you have trouble let me know and I will post mine (which installed perfectly). - Mar 29 2006
Basic Widget style and SVG Template

KDE 3.5 Themes by arenyart 12 comments

I wish I could change the basic style to look beter but its hardcoded. I have ideas for a theme engine that allows one to import their own custom pixmaps to change everything--even the window border. Think Dekorator, but not just for windeco's. Computers are fast these days and so pixmap themes arent slow like they used to be. - Mar 27 2006
Basic Widget style and SVG Template

KDE 3.5 Themes by arenyart 12 comments

I'm flattered that this is getting high votes and all--but as I look at the "highest rating" tab, I see my pixmap theme. There are several code based themes that deserve this much more than me, like lipstick. This is fun and all, but I don't think I deserve such a high rating. Thank you. - Mar 27 2006 improvement

Various Stuff by arenyart 5 comments

I Gimp'd a filter mockup so you could see how it might look. It's a simple thing that I think would take too much work to implement and I feel that it would help many people find what they are looking for. Kde-look is getting HUGE and it is becoming more and more difficult to find anything without hours of searching. Not to say that every entry isn't useful of "good"---everyone that contributes is helping, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. I hope this little idea gets implemented one day---If you agree please vote "good" and make it happen. - Mar 23 2006
Golden Sunset

Wallpaper Other by arenyart 2 comments

No. I made a mistake. The second download doesn't store on kde servers---the file must be hosted somewhere else. I didn't know this until I posted. If enough people seem interested, I will post 1600 no logo versions. I will wait and see because I don't want to clog up kde-look with crap nobody wants. - Mar 23 2006 improvement

Various Stuff by arenyart 5 comments

A week is good but choice is better. What about a filter that lets you set the amount of time to sort by. There are already filters in place for weeding out low ranked submissions. Lets just enhance the filter feature to include a sort by downloads per "n" period of time. I'm not sure what kde-look runs on, but it seems like a simple hack nonetheless. If anyone with some php knowledge agrees, please submit a working prototype to the kde-look crew. - Mar 22 2006
KDE Macro Leaf

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by arenyart 4 comments

I just took the one from the lineart.svgz wallpaper in /usr/share/wallpapers and edited it in Inkscape to be white with about 30% opacity. If you don't have Inkscape, I highly recomend downloading it. It has an autopackage so it will install no matter what distro you use. - Mar 22 2006
CDE icons

Icon Sub-Sets by arenyart 9 comments

Make sure to build the icon set first. Simply extract the folder and run the buildset script in a terminal. Answer the kmenu question and viola---it will contruct an icon set that is about 3.5mb. Then you install it using kcontrol. - Mar 07 2006
CDE theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by arenyart 9 comments

That is all this is. Mainly, this is for people to use with the CDE icon theme. It is the CDE/Motif style with Solaris coloring. - Mar 07 2006

Wallpaper Other by smashse 10 comments

Its SVG! Just download Inkscape and take it out yourself. It's OK to ask for things that are outside your scope of knowledge, but Inkscape is so easy that I think you may be able to do it yourself. - Feb 27 2006
Program Control Center (KDE)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by nookie 60 comments

If you dont like kpackage, try Synaptic. It is not qt but is very good and ships with most distros now. It makes installation and un-installation very easy. I will say, on Kpackage's behalf, it works just fine for me and has the same functionality that you described as lacking. - Sep 29 2005
Dangerous to lean out

Wallpaper Other by rod 11 comments

There is no concern about the background. I created it from scratch using only inkscape and a reference screenshot. All content is in public domain. By the way---I love this wallpaper (It's not really my style of desktop) but love it still! Keep up the good work. - Aug 01 2005
K - T1M3

Wallpaper Other by MART-IN 6 comments

I really think this is the nicest svg job I hav ever seen. The effect is simple and superb! - Jul 31 2005
arenyart's bliss

Wallpaper Other by tardigrade 3 comments

I very much like your changes. It looks like a Chuck Jones background in its simplicity. I made the original, half expecting to get flamed off of kde-look. I'm glad to know someone likes it--and likes it enough to even take the effort to make it better. Again, thank you. - Jul 31 2005

Wallpaper Other by arenyart 4 comments

just drag it to your desktop and click "set as wallpaper" or right click and click "set as wallpaper" or right click on your desktop, click "configure desktop" and change it there. - Jul 26 2005

Wallpaper Other by MASH 5 comments

I come here and sort by highest rated and this is at the top! It's a picture of grass! A F***ing picture of fescue! Does this mean that anyone with their mom's point and shoot can go out in there dying front yard and score the highest rated wallpaper on KDE-look. Holy SH*t! What ever happened to, um, creativity! - Jul 24 2005

Wallpaper Other by digitex 5 comments

I'm not saying this is a bad wallpaper---all I am saying is how is it the highest rated. Granted, this is my opinion, but I think someone is voting for himself repeatedly to get that rating. KDE-look regulars wouldn't allow this wallpaper to rate this high (The way I think about it---every wallpaper done here is a contribution to KDE. I don't think that this is the kind of paper that will set KDE apart. If anything---It makes it look like it was put together by preschoolers.)

Fondest regards---just my opinion. - Jul 24 2005
kubuntu orange waves

Wallpapers Kubuntu by smashse 1 comment

For some reason your screenshot does not appear in the main view list. Just thought you should know. I had a simialr problem earlier and deleted my entry then resubmitted and it was fixed. Also some php error appeared on my screen. - Jul 11 2005
Blue Swirl

Wallpaper Other by arenyart 4 comments

One othre thing; when using directional blur, make sure you are working on a canvas larger than you intend your final image to be because directional blur pulls from the outside of the image and creates bizaar results. If you are working on a slightly larger version than the final intent, you can always crop this off and viola!...your'e left with a perfectly blured image. (this is a good practice to always use---crop and resize you images last :) - Jul 01 2005
Blue Swirl

Wallpaper Other by arenyart 4 comments

The fether effect if under the filter menu >Blur menu> motion blur. Set it to directional blur and adjust the direction and length of the blur accordingly. As far as the "aqua" gloss effect---there are several ways of doing this. The easiest is to create another layer > create a path in the shape of you reflection > go into the path tab and convert your path to a selection > then fill it with a gradient fill from white to transparet (FG to Transparent---with white as foreground color). Then go into layer mode and set it to soft light, or screen, or overlay and tweak the opacity until you get the desired effect :) Happy Gimping - Jul 01 2005
Not a moth!

Wallpaper Other by arenyart 6 comments

I'm neither a butterfly nor moth expert, sorry. In fact, my sister took the photograph at Callaway Gardens. She told me it's a moth, so, I called it a moth. All I did was edit the original photo to give more depth perspective, better framing, and some color (as the original was a little desaturated). I thought it made a nice wallpaper so I decided to submit it. Thank you for your insight though---The more we learn, the more we realize how little we know :) - Jun 27 2005
Professional Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by arenyart 6 comments

Thank you for your comment. As KDE progresses (rapidly I should say) it is looking more and more "professional". I only hope the trend continues until Apple will be salivating ;) - Jun 21 2005
Blue Swirl

Wallpaper Other by arenyart 3 comments

The "professional" is a joke of sorts. It is a stab at microsucks xp pro. Besides the text can be changed at any time---tell me what you want it to say and I'll post it. (or, I have already posted a blank version with no text, so you can add it yourself or leave it as is) - Jun 20 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by sirajr 613 comments

I love this feature. I have been working on several different ways to make the kmenu button rectangular and find this to be the easiest and most customizable---however---I ran into one problem; (as with K-Go) this utility does not update the kmenu. So when you install new programs or open a program the changes do not show up until you click on the original Kmenu button. I am looking into the code right now to see if I may help with this, but am having problems finding the kicker code to update the menu. I have found that "dcop kicker kicker kmenu showKmenu" instead of "popupKmenu" updates the menu if this is any help to you. Thank you for you application. I hope it finds it's way into the next release :) - Jun 20 2005
Welcome to the Dark Kingdom

Wallpaper Other by peterpan 11 comments

This would make a good root wallpaper. In the old days, when you logged in as root the background was red to signify danger---this just adds another, creepier, element to that visual metaphor. - May 23 2005

Wallpapers OSX/Apple by possum 9 comments

Some one needs to hack Microshaft and post this ;) - May 23 2005
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by jimmy88

9   Oct 12 2010