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Alessandro Spadavecchia Bari, Italy

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May 24 2009
Thank you very much! Your suggestion for icon theme is good! This theme has fully adjustable color scheme, so you can match any icons base color. - May 29 2009

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Apr 09 2009
It is BimetallicNG metacity theme used, in the screenshoot, with compiz trough gtk-window-decorator. - Apr 10 2009

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Dec 02 2008
I've seen that someone has problem with this theme: there are some sintax error as reported above.

I think it depends on murrine svn.
Ubuntu uses murrine 0.60.1 and peraphs, in other distributions (as Archlinux), the use of a different version of Murrine gives these sintax error.

I found a wiki at that explain how to use murrine 0.60.1 ccompiling it.

Can you post there if you'll find some fixing? Thanks a lot to all of you.

If I can I'll prepare a modified version of this theme. - Dec 03 2008
Thanks a lot!
I used some ideas from dust theme (and its metacity frame) to improve my previous themes (or I try to improve!). You can also change the base colors of the theme trough System>Preferences>Aspect(I think so in english)>themes>customizing themes>colors, so you can use, i.e., orange or green for lists and other elements that now are blue.
Bye. - Nov 30 2008
The lower icon bar is Avant Window Navigator 0.2.6 (it is in Ubuntu 8.10 repository). - Nov 19 2008
1) I don't know the cause of the bad rendering of windows frame. Peraphs it could depend by the compiz (and gtk-window-decorator) version in use. I use Compiz 0.7.8 from Ubuntu Intrepid.

2) I'll correct any problem with gnome-panel in the next version of this theme that I'll prepare using an opaque panel.

Thanks a lot for these suggestions.
(and sorry for my english!) - Nov 18 2008
Sorry, I made this theme in Ubuntu, that has the latest murrine engine in its repositories. You need version 0.60. - Nov 18 2008
The icons are one fo the best icons set for gnome (it's my opinion of course!): Elementary. You can fuond it in - Nov 18 2008
What do you mean for taskbar? the gnome-panel or only the window selector of gnome-panel? I'll correct this if I can!
However I use a trasparent gnome panel. - Nov 17 2008

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Oct 27 2008
There isn't any gtk hack to resolve this little problem. Only a Firefox theme could change them. - Oct 27 2008

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May 13 2008
The colors of the theme is fully adjustable. I use orange instead of blue! You can change the base colors of the windows trough the gnome appareance tool and make it lighter. Menus are a deep darker version of this base color, so they'll remain dark gray! - May 24 2008
I know it. There's a bug in the menĂ¹ bar of these applications too: text is white instead to be black.
These bugs depend, I think, by the unstandard use of gtk made by Firefox and Openoffice. So I have no idea to resolve them. - May 11 2008
Thanks! Thanks a lot!
I think that a black menu bar is a good idea! I'll try it!
The combo box are the standard one because I don't want to use any pixmap component in this theme. However, because this is a gpl theme everyone can modify it! - May 09 2008
I've correct the errors in the panel applets. I'll prepare a splitted version of this theme with gray panel.
Thanks! - May 07 2008
Added a compact version of this theme called CompactMetallico at - Feb 18 2008
Thanks a lot!
I've a resolution of 12800x800 too! So I feel it's right, but this could depend by my personal taste.
I'll create (if I can) a compact version for you and for everyone wants it!

Bye - Feb 16 2008
Murrina BluProfondo

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Jul 11 2007
Transparent menus aren't a gtk feature, but is a composition manager one (I use Beryl-Xgl, but the same feature is integrated in Compiz). - Jul 13 2007
I improved color rendering in Evolution (as in other programs that use gtkhtml engine). About web pages you can set default text and background color (if not set by web-page) to black and white in your browser preferences. - Jun 25 2007
Murrina GrigioProfondo

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Jun 25 2007
To obtain transparent menus you must use a composition manager like Beryl or Compiz. Than, using their administration tool, you can set transparency for menus or other class of window. - Jun 24 2007
I submitted the blue version of this theme, called Murrina BluProfondo. You'll find it at
Enjoy with it! - Jun 24 2007
I'm using Human icon theme, except for home that has an OSX theme icon.
Exit is not exit, but it is switch off applet. - Jun 23 2007
I'm just making a blu version of this theme, it'll be released in a few days.
However you can change color trough gtkrc files; they are wrote in hexadecimal format (like #ffffff), so you can change the orange-type colors with blue tone scale, helping you with such program, like gcolor, to obtain hexadecimal values. Thanks. - Jun 22 2007
I set (in firefox preferences) text color on dark gray and background on withe, but with setting the possibility for web page to set their color (otherwise a lot of web pages will be ugly). So some page (that, I think, set only text color but not background) give the result you saw. I'll investigate this, but if there's someone more skilled of me (it's easy!) give us some tricks!
Thanks - May 31 2007