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Karamba & Superkaramba
easter os

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Apr 13 2006
This really looks great, nice work. - Apr 13 2006

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Jul 25 2005
I really didn't note that, my mistake.

Thanks... - Apr 13 2006
I've been working on the new update of a'Sensors, it's already done but I've lost my password and it took me some time to remeber it... Now I'm ready tomorrow will be released...

- Jul 13 2005
You have to check your sensors labels and change it on .theme file... Anyway i will try configure it and email you... - Mar 18 2005
Hi.. I did test this theme with a P4 and and Piii coppermine, I can help U right now 'cause I blow my computer. But I hope be back soon. - Feb 03 2005
Sorry, the file upload did failed that time, now is OK... I hope U like it... - Nov 07 2004
Sorry I took so long to reply this. Either I can't understand you, it's cpu temperature or cpu load doesn't working. If you have troubles with cpu temp, first check I you have installed lm_sensors, then check the configuration of your mainboard model (this config works perfectly in a Intel D845GERG motherboard)... Try this, in a console type sensors and check it.

I hope U can solve it as soon as possible...! - Nov 06 2004
Hi, thanx for your comment... I will send U the xmmsctrl at your e-mail... - Oct 28 2004
a'Sensors 2.0 is finished, Any suggestions are welcome - Oct 17 2004
I'm finishing the updated version of a'Sensors 2.0 but I need your help, please write this in your console and e-mail me the info that appears in vendor_id, model name and cpu family...

cat /proc/cpuinfo

i need this info as soon as posible...

thanX.... - Oct 15 2004
I have to check de .py file, because the aPod it's working on mny computer but today a friend told me the same thing... I will fix it this week I promise... - Oct 08 2004
Ok, you need xmmsctrl (check if u have it installed first), I test this karamba using xmmsctrl 1.8 and xmms 1.10... Anyway keep contact and let me now if finally work... - Oct 04 2004
ThanX 4 your comment, now i'm working on those sensors, i had some troubles with the lm_sensors and that stop me to make the chasis and core sensors... I hope have done this sensors in a few days.... - Sep 23 2004
I did this wallpaper using the x from and the linux inside icon... - Aug 31 2004
Sorry, but i don't know how with knoppix... Anyway RTFM..! - Aug 31 2004
U can find the x at - Aug 31 2004
Milo Calendar

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Sep 05 2006
This looks very nice & clear on my desktop, you have made a great work, if u're open to suggestions think how it would look transparent...

-Congratulations... - Apr 21 2005
kstatus superkaramba theme

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Sep 27 2005
Hey where did U download this awesome wallpaper...

And nice work... - Jan 31 2005
Linux Táchira

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Jan 17 2005
Jaja... Ke bueno es encontrarse unos panas venezolanos, nosotros tambíen le damos duro al GNU/Linux... - Dec 08 2004

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Sep 14 2004
This is very nice work... This wall its just great... Try setting the background with a solid color (white for example), will look great... - Sep 14 2004
Xhead Wallpaper

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by Raph
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Sep 07 2004
He he... finally U find it... I was thinkin about share it with all of U, but all the conditions at the readme of de icon, scared me... - Sep 07 2004