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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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Feb 11 2018
Thanks for the report!

The following should fix the crash: in, replace the line
fileName = args.file.decode(sys.stdin.encoding)
fileName = args.file.decode(sys.stdin.encoding or sys.getdefaultencoding())
Please let me know if this does not work as intended.

This change will be included in the next update of krop. - Aug 11 2015
Thank you for the helpful suggestions! I hope you like the improved visibility of the selections and handles in the new version 0.4.8. - Jul 04 2015
Added to the source files in the new version 0.4.7. Have fun! - Feb 15 2015
Version 0.4.6 now has your item (2) covered, but I have not yet gotten around to items (1) and (3). - May 24 2014
The last line of your output suggests that popplerqt4 is not correctly setup on your system. Try typing "from popplerqt4 import Poppler" at a python command line to see if you get an error.

Not sure what may have caused the problem; does the suggestion at!topic/frescobaldi/ViHxQpW4470 make sense to you? - Apr 15 2014
Thank you for the comments! I like your suggestions and plan to address them in the next version (which will probably be a few weeks down the road of time). - Feb 16 2014
Could you please try if the updated version (now 0.4.5) fixes your issue? - Feb 01 2014
Nice suggestion! The edit-cut icon is now used in version 0.4.3. - Aug 10 2013
Thanks for the kind words!
The bug you mention will be fixed in the next version.
(To fix this silly regression right now you can replace the line 'KCmdLineArgs.init (sys.argv, aboutData)' in by the line 'KCmdLineArgs.init(aboutData)'.) - Aug 08 2013

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 178 comments

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Oct 20 2005
Karsten Schulz has just sent me an updated Debian package he created for Debian/sid.
I can't try it myself, but I hope this one works for you. Thank you, Karsten! - May 23 2006
This error occurs because I build the package some time ago, when kdelibs4c2 had not been replaced by kdelibs4c2a. Unfortunately, I am not using Debian any more, so I don't know how to update the package on my machine.

Perhaps someone can send me an updated deb file? Since the sources already contain the necessary files, creating the deb file should be as simple as fakeroot debian/rules binary provided all development packages are installed. - Apr 18 2006
If installed, slocate is used automatically since this very version (see ChangeLog). A new kio-slave is therefore not needed.

Of course you can choose in the settings if slocate should be used or not manually as well. - Oct 21 2005
I have uploaded the tarball again (the last upload was only partial because my modem connection broke). Thanks for pointing me to this issue! Hope it works now! - Oct 20 2005
As far as I read in the docs, the setButtons method should have existed even before KDE 3.2.

Perhaps there is another problem?
Is there someone who compiled it successfullz under KDE 3.2? - Sep 19 2005
> how about including that in the documentation?

This should be included in the help pages and it is included in the HOWTO on my homepage.
What other places would you suggest? Perhaps on a first-run screen, but that's only a TODO item.

Nonetheless I wonder why typing locater:/config raises an error like:

Could not start process Unable to create io-slave:
klauncher said: Error loading 'kio_locate'. - Sep 16 2005
I tried it again. Now it works... :-)
I will add it to the downloads section.

Thanks!! - Sep 16 2005
> You can download it at.

Thanks for your effort, but it seems I can't access this resource though... - Sep 15 2005
Thanks for your comment.

> Will it be part of the next KDE release?

Don't know exactly about this, but addition to kde-extragear is planned for the next future. - Sep 15 2005
> I don't think this works on KDE 3.2

This may be right, but I can't check for I'm using 3.4. But I will look into this. - Sep 15 2005
The 0.4.3 release should address some of your issues.

> As far as I understood it "*" would be the expected symbol for me there, so basically all that matches "*" (= "anything") would be possibly included in the resutls.

The items are regular expressions and the star * has a slightly other meaning. * would be .* here (but . suffices for matching).
If this confuses you, you might want to read something about regular expressions. It's certainly worth the effort!!

> Anyway I still could misunderstand this since I don't see a direct practical use of the white list - probably I think in the wrong direction.

Using the white list you can e.g. restrict the search to special directories, while the black list e.g. tells which directories to ignore. - Sep 15 2005
Hmmh. Don't know about Fedora.

Is /usr the correct prefix. Do you e.g. have the file
at this place? And where is your
after scons install?

These files certainly should be in the same directory.
Could you find out where the kio-locate files where installed to? E.g.
... - Sep 14 2005
> would it be possible for the locater:config dialog to include configuration of locate / slocate (whatever's used) itself?

I'm not sure about this. As you can see from your previous posting this may vary from distribution to distribution.

> User's might preceive the locate: kio slave to be the same with the locate idea in general and expect any configuration there

This is again handled quite differently in some distributions.

> If it's not possible to actually configure it from there there could be some hints and info about the current configuration and how to change it.

A section in the help would certainly be nice. I will add it to my TODO list. Maybe a good link would suffice? Any good (easy) docs? - Sep 14 2005
Thanks for your comments. It should be possible for some next release to change/add the hints, to make the config dialog easier to use.

> If I understand them correctly the blacklist will contain elements that would never come up


> But the whtielist (by it's name) would mean those items always come up?

No. An item has to match at least one entry of the whitelist for being displayed (that's what the default entry '.' is for).
Perhaps the name whitelist is not optimal. What name would you propose?

> Are you expected to enter full file names or is it that you just put in somes strings?

You may enter regular expressions (which by default may match anywhere, but you use something like '^...$' to force a full match). - Sep 14 2005
> is there a way to specify certain directories only to search by default

Now you can use the whitelist to achieve your goal. Hope it helps! - Jul 16 2005
> I'd like it to not be case sensitive by default

Shouldn't this already be the default behaviour - at least if you specify your search in lowercase?

> is there a way to specify certain directories only to search by default

This is currently not possible, but should be easy to implement in a new version.
For now you can only adjust your locate databases according to a single user (but then this user won't be able to search outside his home directory or the FAT partition).

> I'm just curious why + is used as a wild card instead of *

It is not used instead, as you can (and should?) use * when possible. But * is already used by konqueror itself (at least in some KDE versions). E.g. in file dialogs there should no problem to use *.

Thanks for your input. - Jul 13 2005
You are absolutely right. That's a really stupid bug. I hope it is gone in the new version.

Thank you very much! - May 22 2005
>> The solution, from what I can see, is to make the filters independent of the search term, much in the same way that grep is distinct from locate.

I think this solution will be very fine. I will change it. - May 18 2005
As locate seems to support -i, too, I will change this. - May 18 2005
>> Hi, Could it be posible to add the "While typing search" like facility that can be found in applications like Mozilla Thunderbird.

This ain't possible as only konqueror knows about what is typed, but the kioslaves don't.

>> By the way how to enable this to be Konq's default search engine ( So that I dont have to type locate: )

Settings, Configure..., Web Shortcuts, Default Search Engine - May 18 2005
@ How do I force the search from my home directory?

You can indeed use locate:~/pattern if this is what you want. But then pattern is only matched as first item under home. So you might try
>> locate:~/*pattern*
>> locate:~/+pattern+
if konqueror refuses to work with the star.

@ The tips on your home page are not in English.

Everything related to kio-locate should have been translated. - Apr 12 2005
The coloring is not possible from inside konqueror. Generally a kio slave just provides the data and has almost no influence on its presentation (beyond the icon etc.).

All that kio-locate does and is (currently) supposed to do is taking the output of locate. Searching emails is a complete different thing and requires another program to be written. Nonetheless one might consider merging all this searching in one search kio slave.

Thanks for your input. - Apr 11 2005
@ Why are the results from /bin/ not inside a folder in the screenshot? What is the criterion that decides whether a file goes into a folder or is displayed directly?

Currently only folders are collapsed that are not toplevel (as /bin). (I will include a possibility to change this setting in a new version). This is meant to prevent having just collapsed top level search results. But as said, this will change...

Thank you - I am working on a new release...! - Apr 07 2005
thank you for these suggestions.

@ use a different folder icon than the standard one for collapsed folders

I think that is a good idea and I will implement this.

@ sort collapsed folders according to their number of hits

I have thought about that, too. But unfortunately I have not found any good way on how to achieve this. A kioslave has no influence about the sorting as far as I know (please correct me, :-). One possibility would be use numbers padded with zeros (001, 056, etc), but I don't know if this solution would be really good.

@ color the part of a filename that matched the expression in a different color

I would like to do this, if I knew how to achieve this (as a kioslave!!).

Thanks again for your ideas! - Apr 05 2005
Currently you can not vote for kio-locate. But I will ask for inclusion to kde shortly. - Apr 05 2005
Please try what was suggested before:

"You have to install it to the correct prefix with something like
./configure --prefix=$(kde-config --prefix)
Otherwise KDE won't the the desktop file which registers the new kioslave."

This should most probably work if kio-locate compiled without complaining. - Jan 23 2005
> Get it in now! Things like KIO slaves are less likely to have bugs, and this seems pretty well tested, so if you haven't got time it'll be OK.

I am really sorry but I currently just don't have the needed extra time.

> Also KDE 4 could be 18-24 months away! We need cool tech like this in KDE now! Go on man, I saw the posts on kdecore-devel, all they need to accept the contribution is your OK. Do it for us!

If it is just my OK that anyone needs - that should not be a problem. If they wish, they can include any snapshot of kio-locate.
But before June I won't have additional time for doing anything besides some simple changes to kio-locate. - Jan 20 2005
I have not yet posted anything, because I am (or better I should) be very busy as I am going to write some important exams for my study.
But I think around June I might have some more time. At this time, I could ask for inclusion. - Jan 18 2005
Under certain circumstances you have to add the line

#include <algorithm>

to kio_locate.cpp for compiling it. This will be added in the next release. Thank you Francesco di Cugno for pointing this out. - Jan 17 2005
Hi! I like your ideas very much and have incorporated them (to some point) in the new release. Thanks a lot!

As the current way is not perfect for sure, I would like to hear some opinions about this collapsing of multiple hits!

Please tell, what to improve! - Jan 17 2005
I really like your idea. Please tell me, if you started your work. - Dec 12 2004
> did you offer your KIO Slave for inclusion in kdebase?

I have not yet contacted kde-core-devel, because I just don't find the time, currently.
But I also like this idea and will contact them some later times.

By the way: I like your bug report and have voted for it. - Dec 12 2004
I have just uploaded a new version, that should have your suggestions incorporated. I hope you like it.

Again: Thanks for your helpful comments. - Dec 10 2004
Thank you very much for your suggestions. I like both of them.

I will try to adopt them -- I hope, I find enough time this weekend, but I am quite busy working on my math stuff for study. - Dec 10 2004
Currently this is not possible.
As far as I know, there is now way to do so from a KIO plugin point of view. A SlaveBase has no access to information as the current directory. But perhaps I'm wrong. PLease tell me. - Nov 11 2004
> i still don't undertand why i always have to update the db myself

This is certainly not the way it should be. The default setup (at least under debian) is that cron updates the db every day (or some other time interval?). As cron does this job normally during times where everyone is supposed to sleep, your db won't get updated if your computer ain't running day and night.
For this reason there is anacron (or alternatively fcron) which serve the purpose to run ommited jobs when your computer is on power.

I really don't think that kio-locate should try to configure how locate works. You are absolutely free to choose a setup for locate according to your likings (e.g. I prefer to have multiple dbs for different filesystems that can't be updated by simply executing updatedb).

But I think configuring locate by means of some graphical interface e.g. within the Control Center, would be a nice idea for another application (If I'm not completely wrong, I have already seen such a project somewhere). - Nov 05 2004
Thanks. It was a really great idea from you.
Armin - Nov 01 2004
This is now locate:+.gz (man1|man2)
Outside konqueror you can use * instead of +.
But be careful: Just a locate:+.gz gave me really a lot hits, which becomes very slow.
So: What do you all think - should kio-locate only display the first (say 1000) hits? - Nov 01 2004
Your example can be achieved by
locate:kdeprint !kde-unstable lib
(looks nicer than "locate:kdeprint|grep -v kde-unstable|grep lib" I think).
Please try it out, as I have not thoroughly tested how well the regular expressions work. - Nov 01 2004
It is now working exactly this way.
Additionally you can prepend each regexp with ! to negate its meaning. - Nov 01 2004
Search bar improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 16 comments

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Nov 16 2004
I like your idea of transferring additional information to the kio-slaves.
This would allow me, to realize searches under the current tree using locate (and I would like to see this feature myself).

(And just for the notes: I have never used the extra search bar, too -- it is just too small) - Dec 12 2004

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