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KDE Plasma Screenshots by zammi 42 comments

simply follow the link :

And of course, you can find help on the forum

Arnaud - Jan 14 2006

Utilities by oisch 139 comments

Hi !

I've installed kompose 0.5.3 on a Mandriva 2006 and I can't manage to have a right behaviour.

Here are my problems :
- when kompose is up, I can't exit with Esc. It just don't do anything
- Windows + Tab shortcut doesn't work. More, when I try to set it manually to Windows + [another key] it doesn't want to take more than the Windows key in the shortcut panel (other combinations such as Alt + Tab work fine)

I guess this is not only a kompose problem but rather a KDE config problem, but I can't find what.

My config :
- Mandriva 2006 PowerPack
- KDE 3.4.2
- kompose 0.5.3
- imlib2-1.2.1

Could anyone help me configure kompose ?


a suggestion : wouldn't it be nice to exit kompose by clicking on a dektop area in kompose rather than by Esc ?

Arnaud - Jan 06 2006
Baghira spilt some milk ... :-)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by zammi 13 comments

AFAIK there is no option to remove the login name.
But if you know a bit c++ programmation with qt, you should be able to modify the sources and get it to work, as login name is just a string taken from system variable as far as I've seen from the code. However, you'll have to patch each new baghira version to keep your stuff.

Don't know about the [en] change to another langage, I don't use it. File a bug or post a message on baghira's help forum to query Thomas.


Arnaud - Nov 08 2005
Baghira spilt some milk ... :-)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by zammi 13 comments

just read the former posts :
1) you need baghira installed
2) refer to the osx alike section of baghira's web site to get the osx menubar (step 5 or 6, did not remember)
3) download iconset provided by zammi (see link above) and unzip it in your icon dir (probably /usr/share/icons/xxx/ where xxx is the theme you use) to replace the default actions and apps icons by zammi's ones (when I say unzip in icon dir, of course you need to put apps dir of archive in apps dir of icon theme and actions dir in actions dir ...)
4) add the session manager applet from baghira to your menubar to get the [en] item

That's it !

Arnaud - Nov 07 2005
My Desktop with Baghira CVS

KDE Plasma Screenshots by zammi 42 comments

Great job zammi !

I downloaded the iconset you mentionned, but I have problems with some icons, problems that you seem to have solved.

1) In the konqueror baghira sidebar, I still have the ugly system and network default kde icons. I have solved many icons problems by renaming icons to the right name expected by the system (for example, I added a folder_locked.png icon to be displayed for the root home directory, etc ...) but I cannot find which icons are expected for those two ones.

2) How did you make the right part of the topbar ? It isn't really a system tray, is it ? What did you put in it ?

3) When I enable transparency in baghira, I have a shadow for the kxdocker, that's not very nice. You seem to have removed it. How ?


Arnaud - Jul 30 2005