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Ken Berns , Germany
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Jan 27 2011
Open fav. wallpaper (in YOUR resolution) with gimp.
data -> open as layers... -> "lines.png"

Now move this layer in the top left corner.



Ken - Feb 07 2011
I'm pleased that it now works.

Could you send me please a Screenshot?

Wanna see your Mod. :)

Ken. - Jan 28 2011
Should be this:

${time %I:%M %P}

Please try it and post your result.
Ken. - Jan 28 2011
Added gmail support!

--> read the (new) instructions! - Jan 27 2011
Open fav. wallpaper (in YOUR resolution) with gimp.
data -> open as layers... -> "lines.png"

Now move this layer in the top left corner.



Ken - Jan 26 2011
Hey. :)
For using the lines on the background, just open "Lines.png" with Gimp and put the image in the top left corner of your wallpaper.

Could you send me the script you've edited?
So I can update it for future versions.

Best regards,
Ken. - Jan 26 2011
For standard units (Fahrenheit), just add "--imperial" behind "conkyforecast" in the weather data (~/.Conky/weather)

${execpi 1800 conkyForecast --imperial --location=XXXXXX --metrespersecond --template=~/.bin/conky/conkyForecast.template}

Ken - Jan 25 2011
Hey Daniel,

ich habe soeben die Anleitung überarbeitet.

Ignoriere Punkt 2 und wende stattdessen dies hier an:
2. Terminal öffnen und folgendes eingeben:
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:conkyhardcore/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install conky-all conkyemail conkyforecast

Ken - Jan 12 2011
Thanks a lot!

And good luck.
It's not that easy to configure.

For help: - Jan 11 2011
I know whats the Problem! ;)

You have to install the Fonts, wich are in the "Fonts"-File!

- Santana
- Weather (wef)

Than it should work.

Ken. - Dec 17 2010
I think its fixed now.
(changed the Fontsize and the gaps)

Greets, Ken. - Dec 17 2010
Sure you installed the conky forecast plugin I've discribed in the instructions? - Dec 17 2010

I like it very much!
Good work!
And thanks for using my script. ;)

Greets. - Nov 25 2010
I've done it for you.

Just replace old datas and add "weather2" and "conkyforecast2.template".

That should work.

You have only to adjust the "ygap" in "weather" and "weather2" to place it where you want to have it.

You have to replace my Weather ID with yours of course. ;)

Have fun!

Ken - Nov 24 2010
Where do you want to have your conky?

On the Top or on the Bottom of your Screen? - Nov 24 2010
Thanks for your Comment! :)

That could be difficult.

For that you have to 'play' a little bit with the "conkyforecast.template" data.
You have to set the "voffset"- and "goto"- parameters, till you have your result.

Use the command 'pkill conky' to close conky an then start my shell-script "" for see how it changed.

Good luck! :)

- Nov 24 2010
Hey thanks for your support! :)

I've added a link to the Wallpaper I've used.

Greetings back from Germany. ;) - Nov 23 2010

Thanks for your support! :) - Nov 23 2010
"bug" is fixed. ;) - Nov 12 2010
Get it.

The reason for the 'unknown variable-error' are the 'empty' rings at the cpu bar. They are just for decoration and don't have any variables. So every time, when the script updates, this error message will come. But it's not a bug, it's a feature and shouldn't disturb.

ken :) - Nov 12 2010

Thanks a lot for your support! :) - Nov 11 2010
updated ;) - Nov 09 2010
I will translate it soon. ;)
But my english isn't so good.
So it will take a little time... - Nov 09 2010

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Nov 10 2010
Think your comment is more spamming than my upload. ;) - Nov 10 2010

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