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Various Artwork 9 comments

by kwiat
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Jan 23 2004
looks good to me, keep up the good work. - Jan 23 2004

Various Artwork 25 comments

by artur
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Jan 18 2004
yeah konqi can work here too - Jan 17 2004
This will probably be one of my last upgrades(might be one more.) I basically update it every time there is something that people request that I think warrants an update(such as the conference connection, putting up source.) I soon won't have any time to work on it and i like feedback, which is why i've updated it so often recently. - Jan 16 2004
Hehehe this connection can be made. I'll make another release. - Jan 15 2004
I actually like the penguin a lot, i think it matches but I could see where you can say that it looks good without it too(it might draw away attention from the left). But it is really a matter of personal taste. I could post both versions in the file w/ penguin and w/o. We could have a little vote hehehe. :) - Jan 15 2004
looks great :) - Jan 14 2004
Well noted, i'll update the package to include a trasparent version and svg source. - Jan 13 2004
Yeah I think that is a great suggestion, i'll remove the writing on the paper and the pencil. Thanks! - Jan 13 2004

GTK1 Themes 12 comments

by artur
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Dec 09 2003
yeah I found the problem, and fixing it. - Jan 07 2004
here is the link to the crystal svg port to gnome. - Dec 15 2003
here is the link to the crystal svg port to gnome. - Dec 15 2003
Hey :)
I'm glad you like my theme. To answer your questions.. the icon theme that I am using I kinda put together myself from the kde crystal icons(I had to take the crystal icons and rename them accordingly to their gtk equivalents.) I can post that up, but it is very incomplete. I did hear that they are a few people working together(with everlado?, not sure).. porting crystal completely to gnome. I'll put up my incomplete one(the link in the next release) if you would like to download it. As for the gtk in kde.. well I don't really know how to do it another way but.. i have been doing it by just running gnome-theme-manager when i boot up, and it automatically loads the theme(so open it and close it). Hope that helps. There are a few enhancements that I am working on currently, so wait for the next release :). - Dec 13 2003
There are a bunch of aqua related themes here, which would match well. Although I am planning on making this exact theme for kde eventually.. once I learn well enough about kde theme process. - Dec 07 2003
hehehe thanks!
I will change it and update soon. - Dec 07 2003