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Arturs Bebris
Blue Glass

Wallpaper Other by Orbu 6 comments

Beauty!!!! I love it! It's not too dark, not too bright.... it's perfect. Could you please send this model to me, too? - Oct 07 2003
Another XMMS

Karamba & Superkaramba by Arty 4 comments

What name?
BTW I used standard xmms/winamp button layout. You can reduce double sized xmms skin to 70% and crop it. And you have a new skin for this theme.

If you make something good, please send me a copy. - Sep 30 2003
Watch the Skies

Wallpaper Other by simmons75 2 comments

The truth is out there... ;)

There was a time, when we all believed in photos... - Sep 30 2003