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Raphael Geissert , Mexico

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Jan 14 2010
done :) - Aug 05 2008
I'm so sorry, I forgot to merge back some translations to the 0_5_7_x branch. The Catalan, Simplified Chinese, and the updated Hungarian translations were not included in this release either, damn.

I'll see what other changes I can make and release yet another minor version from the 0_5_7_x with all the translations. - Jul 26 2008
a change at google does indeed now cause kcheckgmail to fail (issue addressed in; but even when it all should work fine if cookies are disabled kcheckgmail still won't work. - Jul 26 2008
make sure you are allowing cookies from in konqueror - Jul 26 2008
and will be included in the next release. I just haven't had time to reply to every single message, sorry. - May 15 2008
Support for multiple accounts has already been requested and will be added as soon as the backend makes it possible.

What do you mean by konqueror integration? it is a system tray panel, why would you want it in a konqueror window? - Dec 15 2007
Latest version should be used, and here's some information about why only three characters are displayed instead of the password: - Dec 14 2007
Thanks for the report, it will be fixed for the next release :) - Dec 14 2007
When you run ./configure set the --disable-debug option, that will do it.
"It is not a bug but a feature" :) - Dec 14 2007
It is designed from the ground to only work with gmail accounts.
More customisations will be added in future versions, which are absolutely specific to gmail.

You may also want to read the help/FAQ page:

- Nov 16 2007
A similar request has already been reported in the features tracker[1].

It is very likely in the road to 0.6.0 this feature will be added, but as I can't really say when it is assigned to version 0.6.0.

[1] - Oct 01 2007
At the moment I don't have very much time, but I've noticed that it has something to do with the regular expressions being used to parse the information.

It's all I can say for now. If it happens I find a solution, or somebody finds it, I'll immediately upload a new minor version. - Sep 05 2007
For next version I will try to use an other authenthication method which would make everything easier (including the possibility of checking multiple accounts and restore support for hosted domains). - Jul 24 2007
It seems like they already grabbed it from Debian. Gutsy has 0.5.6 - May 19 2007
What version are you using?
The problem with the polish translation was fixed before releasing 0.5.6.
By the way, the Polish translation is now fully updated for 0.5.6 and available here:*checkout*/kcheckgmail/kcheckgmail/po/pl.po?revision=1.6 - May 13 2007
Hi, are you sure you are talking about KCheckGMail and not kgmailnotifier?
KCheckGMail correctly opens the inbox of the hosted domain, and there's no such file (because it is written in C++ and not in Python). - May 11 2007

To disable the popup:

About the second request I'm afraid it isn't currently possible; because I have no plans of stop using knotify, but I'll see what new features KDE4 will bring to knotify. - May 11 2007
This has already been requested, but at the moment it isn't possible and it is very likely to cause problems when opening konqueror. I will try to work something for the next release. - May 10 2007
Hi, I didn't want to change the icon for this release, but I will change it for the next one (I've been working on an icon, but I'm not very good with gfx). - May 10 2007

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Jul 03 2008
Is there any plan on adding support for events that have a frequency? For example birthdays... - Jun 05 2007

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Nov 07 2005
Hi, the new version works just fine and has some new features, check it here:
I'm maintaining a debian package for testing here:
I hope the Debian maintainer will upload the new package soon. - May 09 2007
New version can be found here: - May 09 2007