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by aur
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Sep 13 2017
Glad it helped.
Unfortunately, any plugin or add-on for VLC can't work automatically or using a separate specified button, you have to turn it on every time you use VLC, by going to "View" menu, and clicking "Moments' Tracker". - May 01 2015
Hello, please try the other destination:
/usr/share/vlc/lua/extensions/ with root privileges. - Apr 30 2015
Glad you liked it, also these screen shots would be helpful, though, you should know that the interface provided by VLC's UI is really terrible. - Apr 14 2015
I'm using VLC 2.1.5 Rincewind and it works properly for me.
What's your VLC version ? - Dec 14 2014
Hi Ayek, could you please specify how it doesn't work ? when you added the file to the destination, did it appear in the "view" menu ? - Dec 11 2014