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VLC Playlist Parsers 24 comments

Score 77.7%
Jun 20 2019
Not the nightlies but yes.

Everything is working fine right until the point where it doesnt.

When it happens there is no activity in task manager. Like it stops even trying to keep up.

Even if my internet speed is not enough for the playback speed I used it probably shouldn't just give up, should it? (: - Jun 26 2019
interestingly enough it only happens if i change the playback speed of the video. - Jun 26 2019
I have encountered another issue. After some minutes it completely stops loading VOD. Even though i have enough speed to watch it without buffering. - Jun 25 2019
I don't know if it is new API or your parser or just my stupidity, but there is no option in the playlist for 1080p quality, only 720p. - Jun 19 2019