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Sep 01 2012
Pathbar! Yes! Obviously... :D

Good to hear that, thank you! - May 03 2012

The gtk3 path navigation button bar[1] (the huge one, especially relevant in nautilus) has a small bug: when hovering a currently unselected path component (f.e. the parent folder) everything jumps a little to the left as if the width is ~2px smaller on mouseover.

Apart from that you did another nice theme, I like it very much as a refreshing alternative to adwaita cupertino which decorated my desktop for quite a while now.

[1] Does that thing have a shorter name?! - May 03 2012
Gnome Cupertino

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Apr 14 2013
After getting away from Adwaita Cupertino just to find out that everything else just cannot cope with this, I came back a month or so ago. Just at that time, the previous maintainer of the Arch Linux package of the theme stopped caring for it, so I'm doing it now. (My first "real" Arch package btw.)
The latest update again improves it one step further, especially the Pidgin chat window with many tabs looks much cleaner now. Just keep working on it so that I don't get bored having nothing to package! :)

What do you think about reducing the height of tabs a little bit? I don't know what their width/height ratio looks like on OS X, but the Gnome/GTK buttons and tabs always feel a little clumsy in my opinion. - Feb 19 2012
unico engine was a good hint I guess. Rebuilt it form AUR, logged in and out, now everything looks fine. Thanks! - Dec 20 2011
Ha, I was wondering if the Adwaita tabs in gtk2 applications were caused by the theme or some fiddling on my side. Nice to see that looking consistent now. This theme is getting better and better, thank you!

On your screenshots, there's a slight dark line on the sides of a selected item in Nautilus' top bar. That one doesn't seem to be visible here. Is that due to the "pre" in the version number or did I break something? ;) - Dec 20 2011
As this theme is about more or less mimicing the OS X look, I'd say go for it. There certainly are points where differing from the original makes sense, but not having mouseover effects seems to be a central point of the OS X ui. - Dec 12 2011
There's a mouseover on the blue lines as well indeed, but it still looks strange since the contrast between white line <> grey hover and blue line <> grey hover is too different. What do you think about no hover effect at all? At least thats how Finder does it... - Dec 12 2011
Ha, that helps. Cantarell uses more downward space than the Ubuntu font. Also reduced the size from 11 to 10 and everything looks fine. (though Cantarell is still nicer.) Thanks!
By the way, as far as I can judge as a non-native speaker, you really don't need to excuse for your english. I've read much worse cases ;) - Nov 30 2011
It would've been kind to actually ask for help than just stating the issue. People tend to forget things over pasting errors...
So, can you maybe help me resolving this? :) - Nov 30 2011
Oh, and I just noticed the mouseover effect in nautilus just being visible on the white lines in list view (ctrl-2), the blue lines don't show any mouseover effect. - Nov 30 2011
Now that gnome-look ate my first post, I try to reproduce what I typed...

First, this looks really promising among all those themes filled with bitmap patterns. Thanks for your effort to make Gnome3 look pleasing! :)

Still, I'm seeing an issue concerning window decorations where the normal window background color seems to be bleeding in from the bottom, screenshot:
Besides, that seems to be responsible for the window close button being smaller than in your screens here.

Issues I found in .xsession-errors:
(gnome-terminal:1712): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-widgets.css:1207:16: 'border-image' is not a valid color name
(gnome-terminal:1712): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-widgets.css:1218:16: 'border-image' is not a valid color name
(gnome-terminal:1712): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-widgets.css:1562:39: 'selected_bg_color' is not a valid color name

(gnome-shell:1372): St-WARNING **: Did not find color property '-arrow-border-color'
(gnome-shell:1372): St-WARNING **: Did not find color property '-arrow-background-color'
(gnome-shell:1372): St-WARNING **: Did not find color property '-arrow-border-color'
(gnome-shell:1372): St-WARNING **: Did not find color property '-arrow-background-color'

Mutter version: 3.2.1-1 on Arch Linux
Gtk3: 3.2.2-3 - Nov 30 2011
Hope gtk3

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Jan 05 2012
That looks nicer in my opinion, thank you! :) - Jan 14 2012
Looks like this for me:

Nautilus in background, pidgin in front. The nautilus tabs look rather flat, I prefer the slight gradient on pidgin's ones... - Jan 13 2012
I'm not sure if I'm missing something, unico is there...
The tabs in gtk3 applications look rather Win95 compared to the gtk2 ones. Could you take a look?
Apart from that, I really like the theme having a more or less circular gradient on buttons instead of the typical linear one. - Jan 12 2012

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Sep 05 2017
Gnome-Shell uses "symbolic icons" in the system status area for bluetooth, the laptop battery, presence etc. They're supposed to be monochromatic as far as I know. Since the shell panel is black by default, I use the Faenza-Dark theme with supposedly light panel icons - still the shell's status icons are dark and barely recognizable. The g-s developers told me Faenza is somehow missing the light "symbolic icons" so that the dark ones appear in the status area.

Could you investigate into this? I'd be happy to test changes if you don't use gnome-shell. - Mar 02 2011

GTK3 Themes
by trastes

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9   May 03 2012
Gnome Cupertino

GTK3 Themes
by trastes

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9   Nov 30 2011