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Andrea Azzini
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Aug 26 2011
Hi there!
I'm waiting for the new version of this icon theme! Is it coming? However, you should add the Thunar icon to complete this wonderful set.
Bye! - Mar 29 2010
Hi! I'm enjoying ACYL! Just a request! Is there the possibility to add Pidgin and Sonata tray icons?
Thanks in advance! - Feb 04 2010
Thank you so much! :-) - Jan 25 2010
I meant chromium icon! Sorry! :-)
If you have time, add geany icon too! I'm loving this set! - Jan 25 2010
These are the best icons I've ever seen! Please, add the Google Chrome icon! Great job! :-) - Jan 24 2010
Any Color You Like

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by switzak

Score 83.9%
Jan 24 2010