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Scan with ClamAV (extended)

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Jun 18 2013
Your modifications are mostly similar to my kf5 branch here: Quick look for diffs:
- I did not retain "kde4-config --path services" anymore but that is a good idea since some distros/apps still use it.
- I do not clamd (only occasional file scan)
- The progressbar is improved with some flaws, that is why I prefer using the inotify branch.
- the Cancel button is working afaik

- Nov 26 2017
My changes were mostly about the new kf5 .local folders and some improvements (clamscan options to avoid following symbolic links: deadly trap on playonlinux/wineprefix folders, etc.) + use of inotify to get more accurate kdialog report on the number of scanned files. I am not on my previous computer now but I would try to set a github repo asap. - Nov 22 2017
I ported your service menu to the KDE Framework 5, with some additional modifications (more accurate progressbar, etc). Do you have the files in github so that I can fork/push my modifs there ? - May 27 2017