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Jordi Hernandez Barcelona, Spain
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May 26 2009
Yes it is.. I found that now playng screenlet was not working any more so I made the port so it doesn't need screenlets.

The only relation with gloobus is me :D
And that is a paral┬Ělel smaller poject

Wich other audio controller do you use? - May 27 2009
by DJD
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Mar 08 2008
Very Nice - Aug 29 2008
The fight is about to begin

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Apr 15 2008
I know layers.. I get lost in all the shortcuts that I and tools in PS that in gimp I can't find... I think I need more practise and read more tutorials!!

Or wait till the new gimp interface that they promise! - Apr 16 2008

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Apr 09 2008
Really Thanks!! - Apr 10 2008

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Aug 29 2009
It is also for ubuntu, using the last screenlets version, you just have to install this tar.gz, anyway if it doesn't work, unpack the file to your home/.screenlets directory

Hope it works for you! - Feb 15 2008
I thinks it's a very good idea!
What do I have to do to be on the team?

I don't know how that page works! can you give me a tutorial url or some explanetion on how to start!

Thank you so much! - Feb 12 2008
Guitar Style

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Feb 05 2008
what changes would you like me to do? I'm open to any suggestion, I also have the blender model so I can make him do anything! - Feb 09 2008
Love Forever

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Jan 23 2008
I hope you enjoy it! - Feb 05 2008
SpidermanCover Screenlet

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Mar 14 2008
I found that, it was a return True that was missing!!

- Jan 26 2008
Yeh! perfect! its what I was looking for!

Another question, why it just updates one time? I want it to update every certain time, I know that in other programming languages there is a set interval function, but I just new in python and I don't know how to do this! - Jan 26 2008
mmm, but using sys.argv[1] I get the pyton filename, if I use ./ i get the path were it is running, and if its loaded by the manager then it's no the correct path, so, I would like to have the path where the .py stands.

How can I achieve this?

Thanks for your support! I've seen that now you are the "officialy" screenlets developer, so I hope I can help you developing some screenlets but first I have to habituate to python...

See you - Jan 24 2008
Here you have: - Jan 23 2008
What is the best way to do this? - Jan 23 2008