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Robert Martin Star Prairie, United States of America

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by AdrienV 17 comments

Seriously, is there not a better set of instructions to use this?

Does someone have some specific, start to finish instructions on how to get this to work? - Jan 01 2009

KDM3 Themes by simoo 18 comments

All the links to this package seem to be offline or unavailable.

Is there somewhere else to get this file? - Dec 31 2008
Moodin (Engine) + Themes

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by moodwrod 244 comments

The moodin plugin is great! I was easily able to install moodin to my newest debian laptop using:

"apt-get install ksplash-engine-moodin"

however, i'm not sure what version it installs. How can I check? - Dec 31 2008

KDM3 Themes by simoo 18 comments

I love this. It looks and behaves well.

I would like a little help though. I'm using your Clean_Swirl theme and I want to use the Lineart.svgz graphic in place of your Clean_Swirl.png and I'm not getting it to work!

I've already tried replacing your Clean_Swirl.png file in the .xml file with the Lineart.svgz and that doesn't work. - Feb 18 2008

Full Icon Themes by mentalrey 183 comments

There are a couple small issues with this icon set.

#1 your python code to build the set in the file says to use "python Dark_Glass-2.4" as the command to build the tarbal file needed to install the icon set in KDE3.

The code needs to be python Dark_Glass-2.4" instead. I think this may be what made it such a process for me to get it installed.

#2 the icons in your pictures are so bright and colorful, but the icons that actually get used especially on the desktop are a very dull, greyscale icon. The "K" menu icon, and "Konqueror" icon on the task bar are also bright and colorful as well as most of the "K" menu's contents, but the "Home" icon and some others are the dull, greyscale icons I referred to above. Is there any resolution to this? - Feb 09 2008