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Roman Schmid

Qt Widgets by Volki 32 comments

Your newly uploaded Version fixes the Problem. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome piece of software! - Jul 15 2008

Qt Widgets by Volki 32 comments

Thanks for the Feedback.
Here is what i used:
Q_PROPERTY(int Channels READ channels WRITE setChannels DESIGNABLE true USER true)
Q_CLASSINFO("Channels", "minimum=1;maximum=4;singleStep=1;")

The min and max do work as expected, so does the singleStep Parameter. However it always resets my value to 1 when i enter "edit" mode (eg. double click on the item or tab through the list).
I just checked with double values and it doesn't work either whereas in your example application it works...

I really can't spot the difference between my implementation and your TestClass. Except that my object is loaded as a plugin... but that shouldn't affect anything. - Jul 14 2008
Value Browser

Qt Widgets by ii-system 10 comments

Hi. I'm looking for a QT Widget, that allows editing of Properties, exposed by the QMetaObject properties. Much like the Properties-Editor found in QT Designer.
Could such a feature be implemented using the Value Browser? I thought i ask, before i start digging in the docs and sources. - Jul 09 2008

Qt Widgets by Volki 32 comments

Hi Volki

Thanks a lot for sharing this Widget. It is exactly what i was looking for.
It seems, that i found a Bug and i wasn't really able to track it down myself. Maybe you can help me out :)
Whenever i use a int property in conjunction with the editorhints via Q_CLASSINFO, the editor (QSpinBox) changes it's value to 1 upon editing. If i don't use the editorhints, everything works fine, but then i'm not able to limit my input range.

Another "Feature" i'd like to see is the correct handling of properties that are using enums (declared with Q_ENUMS). In that case, a QComboBox should be used as editor instead of a QSpinBox.
My plan is to:
subclass Property and create a class "EnumProperty".
extend the QPropertyModel::addItem method to automatically create a EnumProperty whenever a enumerable property is detected

Do you think that might work? Or am i missing something important?
Any input is greatly appreciated. If you like, i'll share any modifications with you/the community. - Jul 09 2008