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Cassandra Gloom

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Zeroangel 12 comments

I read the comments here and I just felt so compelled to comment that I went to the hassle of registering (and yes it is a hassle!) . While I do feel Microsoft is evil, I see nothing wrong with creating Vista-like themes if you want to prove that Linux/Compiz (or BSD/Compiz or Solaris/Compiz?) can do anything Vista can do. Vista themes are also a great aid in helping some people to transition from the Microsoft to the path of light and goodness.

In fact, I came here because I followed the tutorial on YouTube on how to "Make Linux Look like Vista's Aero":

We have to admit that Vista Aero looks cool!! The advantage of Compiz is that we can have Aero looks and radically different looks too. Choice is where we sell Linux. - May 14 2008