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Plasma 4 Extensions by iduhasti 106 comments

It's easy to find that way in KDE4.4, not in 4.3. And more to the point, it was hard to find from this site. - Apr 23 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions by iduhasti 106 comments

This plasmoid was devilishly hard to find, without knowing the name. I tried searching google, and i tried the search here. Tried "terminal" asnds "plasmoid", etc. Finally I just went through all the plasmoids page by page.

It could be me. It often it, but how are the tags for this item?

I'm putting it in my deliciopus bookmarks, so I won't have this problem next time, and this incredibly basic plasmoid (Can't believe it's not on every KDE desktop by default!) was worth the search. - Apr 20 2010

Plasma Themes by ivancukic 11 comments

The way I imagine this is that a bunch of Plasma developers got together in Nuremburg, of all places, had too much to drink at night, and woke up with the sickening realization that they had designed something clean, simple, unpretentious, and easy to read.

Well, whatever it takes. I've been praying for something like this! The analog clock is pretty ugly, so I use the elegance clock, but other than that I don't have to tweak anything. Everything looks good, but more important, everything is visible at all times. I can let the wallpaper run on a slide show, and nothing is going to come up at any time that will make a part of my display unreadable.

I'd love to see this available in a wide variety of bold colors. Dark green comes to mind, maybe a dark red.

Can't tell you how much this helps me resolve my epic ambivalence to KDE4. My biggest problem is that I can't stop compulsively tweaking the desktop because the more complex a theme is, the harder it is to make it look good. Here's a theme that I can just forget about. Thank you! Thank you!

For god's sake, don't be afraid to think INSIDE the box from time to time! - Apr 13 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions
by iduhasti

Apr 20 2010

Plasma Themes
by ivancukic

Apr 13 2010