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Jens Mayer
Wooha, thank you for this new version, the OO.o workaround looks way better than the old behaviour! - Nov 29 2006
Would be absolutely fine for me. And by the way, thanks for your QtCurve - I really love the way it is customizable, and I really love the way it gives my desktop a consistent look between both worlds. Great work! - Nov 23 2006
While QtCurve works fine both on my KDE- and GTK-Applications, OpenOffice doesn't look like it should. My current theme uses a dark menu bar and correctly looks like this (Firefox 2):

With OpenOffice, the text color for the menu bars is not set correctly (both when using GTK- or KDE-widgets for OpenOffice):

Funny enough, the highlight when selecting a menubar item is ok.

Any hints or ideas how to fix this - or is this something not possible with openoffice? - Nov 22 2006
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities by kelvie 347 comments

I agree - the ability to store baskets elsewhere (or transfer/synch them easily between different computers) is one of the features that would make this application a real killer. ;-) - Oct 21 2006

Security by michaelbuesch 36 comments

Fine, that's good news. Another question: Is there some command line application which can read the PwManager encrypted password files? - Oct 05 2004

Security by michaelbuesch 36 comments

PwManager is the thing I was looking for - it's very easy to use and much more userfriendly than KDE Wallet, especially when handling logins for multiple shell accounts.

Killerfeatures: The very comfortable "copy username/password/whatever to clipboard" context menu, accessible just via the PwManager applet, and the password generator - that's just well thought.

So while I'm holding my thumbs up - how do you guys manage your passwords when having to work on a Windows client (yes, some of us have to do this from time to time)? One possibility is exporting the passwords as plain text and gpging them afterwards, but that's not very comfortable. I doubt there's something on the Redmond OS that can read the blowfish encrypted PwManager files, is it? What about a Windows port of PwManager? ;-) - Oct 04 2004