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bastian salmela

Board by Noughmad 97 comments

congrats on the release, i'll try the new version and make a proper full svg theme for you then..

if you like i could turn the default one into svg too.. regular chess pieces.

.b - Apr 02 2010

Board by Noughmad 97 comments

ok, well here are some files.
i quickly made the white pawn as vectors.

maximized on my 1680x1050 monitor:
looks nice.. no aliasing or other glitches, this is perfect i think.
windowed window, maybe about 1000 pixels wide or so.. the character starts to wobble, and also the base it's standing isn't clear circle anymore..
when i dragged the window to very big, so that it didn't fit to my monitor anymore, i started seeing this aliasing just like it would be normal bitmap.
(well, thats ridiculous size to play anyways but, just something i noticed)

and here's the svg.

hope it helps.

- Apr 01 2010

Board by Noughmad 97 comments

yes, the tiles are svg. and they do scale nicely, but i tried doing one chess piece in svg and saw lot of jagged edges.
i try again and send you the file to see.

i don't have svg from the penguins theme yet, since they are actually made with blender.. which is a 3d software.
i was thinking of redoing them in svg.
unless, you are planning on making animated "alive" chess piece graphics possible, then i would animate the pieces in blender :)

.b - Mar 31 2010

Board by Noughmad 97 comments

well, nice to see this game still around.. it's been ages. i'm not much of a chess player, but i did one theme for this .. and now, that i saw updated version coming out, thought I'd convert the theme also.. :)

so, here it is.. if anyone is interested.

i was thinking of doing full SVG version out of it to make it scale nicely, but for my surprise, scaling was very bad.. full of aliasing and wobblyness.. so, pixmaps looked nicer. shame..

.b - Mar 29 2010
konqi looking

Cliparts by dummy_double 2 comments

heh, if you want, I have the blend file for those images, so you can perhaps get couple of more inbetween frames for the animation :)

.b - Oct 08 2006

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by luibh 1 comment

the idea is nice, but the gimpped face doesn't fit in the 3d penguins.. for example the focus point changes.

maybe model the wilbur(wilbert?) too.

.b - Apr 20 2005
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba by Matti 1797 comments

ok, first, I'm sorry to be so negative, but I just have to ask:

I checked the screenshot, and I can't but wonder, WHO on EARTH would use a clock that covers half of your desktop.. ??
is it really necessary.
also, why would you want to see weather forecast on your desktop?

"yes yes, the sun is shining, perhaps you should open the curtains today"

again, sorry.. but too much of this sort of applications, that's main purpose seems to be just that they look huge, round and glowy..

.b - Sep 06 2003
natural desktop

Wallpaper Other by Linuxglider 1 comment


.b - Jul 06 2003
MonsterBlue Plain

Wallpaper Other by wwwonka 6 comments

i'm just not very huge fan of all these wallpapers coming, that uses other peoples graphics..

.b - Jun 02 2003

Wallpaper Other by ThePreacher 4 comments

you used image from windowsXP demo? ... o...k....

.b - Jun 02 2003
Mandrake Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by rrichie 4 comments

wow, you dont have any room to do any work.

.b - May 30 2003

Wallpaper Other by ThePreacher 4 comments

nice 3d model, what program did you use?

- May 30 2003
MonsterBlue Plain

Wallpaper Other by wwwonka 6 comments

you didn't do the actual drawings?

.b - May 30 2003
Kirby Desktop Companion

Karamba & Superkaramba by Cwiiis 17 comments

eehm.. can you just take those graphics like that?

.b - May 20 2003
Crystal GDM

KDM3 Themes by ybouan 18 comments

hey, check the menu on the left, under themes/styles. there's even "GTK". and, under that there's "IceWM".

does this really mean, people are using other than pure KDE apps?

oh dear..

.b - Mar 27 2003
KDE - Got r00t

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Redeeman 3 comments

uuh.. with wallpaper like that, who needs LSD.. psychedelic AND scary!

.b - Feb 13 2003
Tux Bliss

Wallpaper Other by ShadwWulf 6 comments

he is using gnome, but he is also using redhat 8.0, and icons and themes look alike in kde and gnome.. so..

those are redhat icons.

.b - Jan 29 2003
Aqua Fusion Icon Theme 0.4

Icon Sub-Sets by AquaFusion 80 comments

merging aqua with linux?
oh lord...

I dont understand why it should merge, and looking at the screenshot, that doesnt look anything like aqua even ..

there's nothing wrong with your theme, but does these themes always have to try to be Aqua.. like it's some sort of standard on creating icons and wallpapers and stuff.. sigh...

.b - Jan 08 2003
wrong place at the wrong time

Wallpaper Other by basse 9 comments

that was me, dunno why it was posted as "anonymous"

- Dec 28 2002
wrong place at the wrong time

Wallpaper Other by basse 9 comments

hmm.. I wanted it to look fuzzy... so that's intentional. but compression artifacts are not. I guess I have too old monitor to see them clearly :) I promise to lower ratio when I do the update.

.b - Dec 23 2002
Noia for KDE 1.00

Icon Sub-Sets by Carlitus 258 comments

it's quite cartoony, so I hope it's not coming as kde default.. but this one is going for my kids desktop right this moment! :)

.b - Dec 09 2002
Geramik 0.19 for debian sid

GTK1 Themes by mgf 12 comments

installed mandrake by himself? why? did you try to force him on debian ;)

my son plays frozen bubble too.. but rocks'n'diamonds is number one. he is into level making now. weird levels that little guy invents .. heh.

bzflag is daddys little secret game..

.b - Dec 09 2002
Geramik 0.19 for debian sid

GTK1 Themes by mgf 12 comments

I myself hate all this aqua-liquid-keramik-osX-style things people nowadays do, BUT, my son (6 years old) loves those big shiny colorful buttons.. and he has them on his KDE, so I will be installing this too, to get the similar look for some of the GTK apps he uses..

so, thanks. :)


- Nov 15 2002

Wallpaper Other by basse 7 comments

it's done.
.b - Oct 04 2002

Wallpaper Other by basse 7 comments

well, it's 3D, anything is possible. just tell me what you want and I pose the dude :)

.b - Oct 04 2002

Wallpaper Other by julmust 1 comment

it has a scary feeling to it, dunno why .. :) great looking picture, nice reflections and shadows.. povray?

.b - Oct 03 2002

Wallpaper Other by basse 7 comments

yeah, you're right. I put the letters in the background just because in the last minute I noticed the red text on this site saying "upload only KDE related pictures or be deleted!" ...

I don't have the "KDE" text on the original :)

- Oct 03 2002

KDE 3 Color Schemes by AGran 4 comments

look very much like my coffee color scheme that I did (and use) for dance-backgrounds.. they are on kde-look... :)

.b - Apr 12 2002
coffee splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by basse 6 comments

yes, well my whole desktop here at work and at home, is coffee-coloured.. with those hand-drawn coffeepainting-backgrounds... I just dont really like all those blue-gray-black themes that are out there. they look pretty, but I like something more calm for myself.. :)

I also have a coffee mug as a trash can icon :)

- Apr 08 2002
coffee splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by basse 6 comments

yes.. but creating themes is complicated in KDE. I don't really understand how they work. so far, I am doing backgrounds, colours, splash and some icons, when everything is ready, perhaps I try to pack them as a theme..

.b - Apr 08 2002
Mix-n-match KDE3

KDE Plasma Screenshots by byteme 20 comments

they are going more and more to mac-style.. I wonder why.

.b - Apr 06 2002
Mix-n-match KDE3

KDE Plasma Screenshots by byteme 20 comments

how did you manage to get the kicker appear only on bottom center of the screen??

- Apr 05 2002
orKidia v3

Wallpaper Other by luci 17 comments

wow.. nice colours.. and I like the block effect.. but 1010101010 is a bit used idea, and what does the text in the bottom mean?

.b - Mar 21 2002
LightGreen GFX

KDE Plasma Screenshots by DrFalken 5 comments

i see you are running knights there. you should try out the "penguings" chessmen theme there.. :)

nice desktop.btw.

.b - Mar 12 2002

Wallpaper Other by Ton 2 comments

the picture I like, but text.. hmm... well perhaps it's only me, I just don't see why on my desktop it should say "KDE", when I most certainly know already, that it's KDE I'm using.. but.. anyways.. nice work.

different from mainstream. ! - Mar 12 2002
dance colors

KDE 3 Color Schemes by basse 4 comments

wallpaper "coffeegirl" is an painting I did, using coffee + pencils and ink. you can find the complete gallery of coffee stories from

nice to know people are using these

thanks again.


- Feb 13 2002

GTK1 Themes by miguelicaza 60 comments

hmm.. I don't see why I couldn't make my kde look that way?
it's just a theme.. with too big icons and the whole interface looks like it's designed for people under 2 years old.. ? why everytthing has to be this way now.. sigh..

.b - Feb 11 2002
Girl and baby

Wallpaper Other by illuusio 1 comment

hand drawn, I like it, there should definetely be more hand drawn stuff here. I'll give you my thumb-ups, and I'm not sure if it needs any special changes..
the only thing I noticed, is that there is some strange garbage on the very bottom of the picture.

so what did you use to draw it? - Jan 10 2002

Wallpaper Other by elephant 5 comments

i like it.. simplicity is the way to go in this overflowing world I think...
.b - Jan 09 2002

Wallpaper Other by basse 12 comments

yes, the font is real, I have had it always, and it's definetely the BEST "old typewriter" font there is (in my opinion).

it's callad "mom's old typewriter", it's kind of hard to find, but I can email it if anyone needs it.. it's free, of course.

.b - Dec 26 2001

Wallpaper Other by basse 12 comments

heh, I haven't been around for couple of days (I had a minor HD crash and had to reinstall my RH.. gave me a good opporturnity to upgrade to 7.2)

so, thanks for all the comments, this is overwhelming..!! I have been doing some icons, kicker-backgrounds and KDE-splash, to fit the "coffee-art" feeling, but they are not yet ready for public display.. perhaps later I upload something :)

I am planning on wrapping my desktop to a "Coffee"-theme, for everyone to download, but I am not sure yet how to do it, have to learn more about the themes in KDE first.

but, again, thanks for support.


- Dec 26 2001
coffeegirl snu/.b

Wallpaper Other by basse 3 comments

I'm you like them, the scanned stuff on the page are "real size", as they come out of my scanner.. so some of them are huge, some not.. so. the problem is also that the do not match size of monitor.. they are square or rectangular, but hardly ever exactly the ratio monitor has. :)

.b - Oct 21 2001

by Noughmad

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