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Alessandro Bonometti
>nntpthreadsocket.h:237: error: extra qualification ‘NntpThreadSocket::’ on member ‘m_findEndLine’
>yydecoder.h:90: error: extra qualification ‘yyDecoder::’ on member ‘charCRC’

It's my fault.
- Edit yydecoder.h
- go to line 90
- Modify the "charCRC" function declaration:
(i.e.: remove "yydecoder::" )
Then it should work. - Aug 09 2006
Pardon? - Mar 08 2006
Not right now. I'll surely add this feature/option when I have some time... - Nov 01 2005
You need the c++ libs of Berkeley db. If you're compile the Db from source, pass --enable-cxx (or something similar, see README) to ./configure - Oct 26 2005
Thanks :] - Oct 26 2005
I silently re-released the source to fix this and another compile problem on some systems. Please download the source again and retry. Thanks - Sep 07 2005
> First of all,- great app!!

Thanks :)

> Just wanted to let you know that the
> debian-packages are unavailable,-
> server down?

I'm not the maintainer, we'll see on Monday :) - May 15 2005
> Congratulations, a very nice name for this app :)

Of course, it's the acronym of LInux BInaries DOwnloader ;-] - May 11 2005
I think KLibido and KNode are way to different to "merge". Sorry. - Mar 03 2005
You have to install the -devel part of UUlib/uudeview. What distro are you using? - Mar 03 2005
Please send me an e-mail with the distribution you're using, the version of the software (KDE, Berkeley Db) and the console messages you're getting. - Feb 24 2005
Please, update to the latest version of UUlib (0.5.20, if I recall correct) - Jan 17 2005
Yes, nzb support is planned. Par2/sfv is more problematic, I will add it only if it's not too painful :) - Jan 09 2005
>Hi all I am new to linux and I was just woundering if this could be used
>in Suse Linux 9.2 Pro with KDE 3.3.

Of course.
Go to the homepage and look in the download section: you will find a link to the SuSE packages.

>And if it can how would I go about installing it.

You need to install uudeview and db version 4 (they're on the SuSE CD, you can install them via Yast), then you can install the KLibido package (rpm -ivh KLibido-0.2.0...etc...)

> Thanks for any help you may offer.

You're welcome - Jan 04 2005
Ok, I will consider adding "usenet binary grabber" or something like that in the title of the next release...:) - Jan 04 2005
KLibido doesn't seem to run with BDB 4.3. It's probably a minor problem, but I don't have time to investigate and fix it right now, I'm sorry. Either downgrade to BDB 4.2, or wait for version 0.2.1 (which will be released sometimes in January '05) - Dec 15 2004
>Maybe you can start to write a ioslave to handle download,
>and leave the Gui to knode ?

- KNode GUI doesn't handle joining of binary articles.
- I'm quite sure a group with a million or more of headers brings KNode to its knees :)
- KLibido is multi-threaded, and I don't think threads can be used in IOSlaves (but I may be wrong here) - Dec 15 2004
>I would love to see more focus on managing queued items. Mouse support, drag and drop and easy movement on multiple selected items anywhere in the list order.

You can drag and drop any number of items around...if you can't, either there's a problem with your installation, or I seriously messed up something

>Its painstaking to have to do it one by one or to select them all using shift one by one with the only option to move them to the top of the list.

You can select select items with shift, ctrl, shift+ctrl (standard KDE multi select list), then D&D them where you want.

>This was also my biggest gripe with PAN for GNOME.

Yup, didn't like that, too :)

Thanks - Nov 17 2004
> Any plan to merge your work into KNode?

I think it would be too much pain...everything is different: interface, network code (KNode uses non-threadsafe KExtendedSocket whereas KLibido uses plain unix sockets), data structures...I wouldn't know where to start.

>I agree that KNode is an excellent newsreader;
>it's just a bit lacking in the areas that KLibido happens to cover exactly. :)

...that's why I wrote it ;-]

> Way to go, Bauno!

Thanks :) - Oct 28 2004
You have /usr/include/uudeview.h and configure doesn't find it? Please check...

...As for kde 3.2: version 0.11 of klibido has problems with kde 3.2...try version 0.12, which I'm about to release. - Oct 27 2004
Same problems of wsippel (see the thread above).On Gentoo errno.h isn't included...add it to the globals.h file, after '#include "db_cxx.h"', i.e.:

#include "errno.h"

I will try to address this in the 0.12 release (which shouldn't be too far away) - Oct 22 2004
It seems a problem with the Berkeley db db.h and db_cxx.h exists? Are they in /usr/include? If not, try to symlink them there. Here's how it's done in my distro:

/usr/include/db_185.h -> db4/db_185.h
/usr/include/db_cxx.h -> db4/db_cxx.h
/usr/include/db.h -> db4/db.h - Oct 21 2004
As I said in another message, I don't know exactly since I don't use Gentoo, but I got the feeling the uulib & includes are in the package dev-libs/uulib. So Please try emerging that. - Oct 20 2004
BTW, in case you have uudeview.h somewhere, symlink to /usr/include - Oct 19 2004
You're probably missing the uudeview-devel package...You don't say what distro you're using, so I cannot help further :) - Oct 19 2004
Thanks. Please do send me any bugreport you may have (possibly with a backtrace). It is my intention to "stabilize" this codebase before adding new features. - Oct 18 2004
I see two problems:
1) ENOMEM undeclared: this is defined in errno.h, which is included by db.h, so this may depend on the first problem you've found. I don't now how you fixed it, but on Fedora, BDB's headers are in include/db4/db*.h, *all* symlinked in /usr/include
2) get_env not found. This is my fault, get_env() is present only on BDB >= 4.2. Since it's not a crucial function, I will make a 0.11 release shortly, which should compile correctly on db 4.x - Oct 18 2004
I've had a quick look at the online package DB of Gentoo, and it seems they have split the uudeview package in two parts. The library and includes should be in the "dev-libs/uulib" package. Let me know. - Oct 17 2004
KNode: allow me to disagree. KNode is, IMHO, an excellent newsreader. It's not a nttp file grabber, nor it wants to be.

Yenc: supported (klibido supports all encoding formats supported by UUenview)

Download link: Sorry, I was in a hurry and uploaded the RPM instaed of putting a link to the sf page...this should now be correct.

BTW, "i386" is just a convention...the rpm is in fact for i686 and above. And the program is untested with "gentoo like :)" optimizations (-O3 and such)

Thanks for your comment ;) - Oct 16 2004