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Oxygen Folders (countries & fun)

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Jan 28 2011
now that your country is free, you can take it more easy... - Nov 11 2011
thx for asking so kindly, but I must disspoint you, in this case you can not contribute because it is already there.
(since last update April 12th)
- Jul 29 2010
hi andrea,
money makes the football go round. we can not just use fa - Jan 05 2010
Hallo Bastler, wie gehts?

ok, I will complete flag-folders for soccer-2010 SouthAfrica. It is important, agreed.

But more soccer-folder.... I have made a "goalder"-series but unfortunately I have no more good ideas.

Anyway, I would appreciate if you make a theme including some of my folders.
Please let the people know where u got it from and notify me.
bavarese - Jan 04 2010
you will find both (hints and scotland) once u followed the download-link to kde-look. feel free to create some more, but pls notify me at kde-look.
- Oct 23 2009
that should be possible but will mean some work.
for all users look in /usr/share/icons/... (for single user /home/YOU/.icons)
there are the icons youre using.

select new default folder of your choice and prepare pngs in all the different sizes (16x16, 32x32.....)
(128x128 i made)

select the folder to replace, rename to OLDfolder.png and move to backup
rename the new folder to old name and copy there
repeat for every size
(you will need to be root, so start Nautilus? as root)
restart Gnome

or you download a new theme, unpack, do above changes, repack, then install, it should work too
(how about:

I like to remember that I am KDE user, but above should work for you but no guarantees.
can u show me, e.g. Nautilus window, the new look if all worked out fine?
- Jul 03 2009
hi soran,
welcome at !

I'm not sure if I understood right but you can not install the *.tar.gz - It is only an archive, nothing to install

- unpack the archive somewhere, then u have 2 folders 'fun & flag'

- select folder to change (e.g. your pictures folder)
- right click, properties, click on folder icon
- menu is opening with fresh icons to choose (in kde it is from /usr/share/icons/oxygen/128x128/places)
- make your choice or navigate to right directory/icon - apply

Sorry but I can not tell you excatelly how it works in Gnome
above is the KDE-way but I believe it should be almost same in Gnome (but I cant test it so pls let me know)

Sorry again for confusion, I will need to clarify the description
bavarese - Jul 02 2009
Oxygen Folders (countries & fun)

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Jan 27 2011
thx dude

update done! - Jan 27 2011
I am not related to KDE nor Oxygen development.
although I think this is a distro depending question you might try here: - Jan 24 2010
nice, thx
I will update right away! - Dec 22 2009
coool thx, nice contribution!
this will be included into next update
- May 21 2009
thats strange because I packed all together
it means that my file 'Oxygen-folders(coutriesfun).tar.gz' contains everything.

so if you have fun folders you should have countries aswell.
right click, unpack, in KDE did not work?

so maybe you need to download it again

but my best guess is that you should use another packing program.
I recommend 'file-roller' which replaced 'Ark' in my case.

hope all is okay
bavarese - Jan 06 2009
hi unleashed !
I encourage you to keep up good work. I uploaded you (and all others interested in) a detailed tutorial. Have fun and show us your results! - Nov 24 2008
glad you like it!

but pace is correct

piece of peace is nice anyway... - Oct 27 2008