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KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by elmo 21 comments

You know, I think you'l live if you said that you supported GNOME. You gave up all claim like KDE infiltrates would sprout up in your living room and storm the house because you were caught using GTK application. - Mar 02 2003
It still ain't Blue!

Wallpaper Other by bazmonkey 3 comments

When you're voting for your own post, accidentally hitting bad is... BAD! - Apr 10 2002
Highly Optimized KDE3 w/ objprelink

Various Stuff by thelocust 18 comments

Hey, just letting you all know you're not alone. I have debian unstable, with my own builds of KDE3 and QT3. Objprelink doesn't seem to be a problem, Debian's libc is newer than Slackware's, and I can't find the problem. Gdb gives nothing, it appears to segfault right at the beginning. At first I thought Bison was to blame, but it's not, I've tried it, yacc, byacc, etc.

I hope someone's interested in this, because there's next to no documentation and you're the only people I can find even trying this.

If it helps anyone more savvy than I, QT will compile just fine without objprelink, with bison or whatever. I have access to my laptop and two dual proc monsters, and none of them can do it. They're all debian, so it's not a proc problem.

If anyone has anything helpful (If you have done this exact thing on another box, if so which version, or if you have gotten it to work on Debian, etc.), PLEASE post here or e-mail me at It's not mission-critical, but these things annoy me. Thanks - Apr 10 2002