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Feb 25 2014
See my reply of April 17. Line 2 marks the start of a multi-line comment Lua with --[[
I cannot understand why that line causes an 'unrecognized symbol' error, unless VLC's version of Lua no longer recognizes --[[ as the start of a comment. If that is the case, there will be a lot of extensions causing errors.
I suggest you try to download the extension again, to make sure it didn't get corrupted in the download process. And check to make sure that line 2 of the extension consists ONLY of the --[[ comment marker (followed by a line break, of course). - Apr 21 2014
VLC is reporting an error in line 2 of clipper.lua. It may have been corrupted when you downloaded it. Here is what the first lines should look like (with line numbers added):
1) -- clipper.lua -- VLC extension
2) --[[
These lines are all comments (the --[[ marks the beginning of a multi-line comment), so they should cause no error. Line 2 has no ' (single quote), which is reported as the location of the error.
Check the clipper.lua file in your extensions directory to see if something has accidentally been added, and delete it if necessary.
Or just download the file again and save the new, clean copy in your extensions directory. - Apr 16 2014
The file is not in compiled form, so it should have the .lua (not .luac) extension.
It works for me in 2.1.2 on Windows 8.1 64 in the location you used. You could open your Windows explorer to make sure this extension is there with your other ones.
To find out why this extension (or any other extension) doesn't work for you,
1) Open VLC's Messages window (under Tools, select Messages, or simply press Ctrl + M)
2) Raise the Messages window Verbosity level to 2 (Click up arrow in the verbosity field at lower left)
3) Under VLC's Tools menu, select Plugins and Extensions to open that window.
4) Select the Reload Extensions button in the Plugins and Extensions window.
5) Read the information in the Messages window. You will see there which extensions it is trying to load, and whether they loaded successfully. To see only messages related to the Clipper extension, enter the text
into the Filter text entry box of the Messages window (if you called the file clipper.lua).
If you see a lua warning or error message related to the file, send me that message and I will try to resolve the issue. - Apr 13 2014