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Brittany Dunlap Grove City, OH, United States of America
Xbill 2.1 edited

Arcade by Padster 2 comments

When trying to download the file, I get an error "The file link that you requested is not valid." - Sep 01 2010
Dexter Sounds

System Sounds by RuleMaker 14 comments

The startup isn't awful but the logout is so bad i couldn't understand what was said. I didn't bother listening to it more than once.

I am wondering about copyright... Not sure it falls under fair use. I guess since you aren't selling them or asking for donations it might be okay.

Good luck on your next endeavor. - Sep 05 2008

KDE 3.5 Themes by MarcP 1 comment

From the screenshot it looks good, I don't know why the rating would be so low. - Sep 05 2008
modified mint logos V2

Single Icon/Logo by merlwiz79 1 comment

I like the blue set the best. More 'elegant' :-) - Sep 05 2008
Wallpaper Of The Month, August 2008

Wallpapers Mint by McLovin 2 comments

Very interesting style. I like it. :-) - Sep 05 2008
The Pursuit Of Elegance!

Wallpapers Mint by mayurarora 1 comment

I would have the download point directly to the wallpaper. Getting redirected to some blog site which does not show that specific wallpaper (by the way) is annoying. - Sep 05 2008
Linux Mint Framed!

Wallpapers Mint by mayurarora 1 comment

Different. I like it. Thanks for the upload! - Sep 05 2008

GDM Themes by Dav87 30 comments

Beautiful! Thx for the upload! - Sep 01 2008
Ubuntu Free 2nd

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mangkorn 8 comments

Exquisite!! Thanks for the upload! - Sep 01 2008

Wallpaper Other by mangkorn 2 comments

From the previews it looks amazing, but when it's actually on the background it seems a little less high-res than expected. Still a very beautiful wallpaper though. Thanks for the upload! - Sep 01 2008
White Glass

Beryl/Emerald Themes by SamsamTS 3 comments

Very nice white theme. I've never really been a fan of dark themes, also. This is a nice pick-me-up. Very clean and love the simplicity. Thanks!! - Sep 01 2008
Darkly Glassed

Compiz Themes by kingrayray 27 comments

I was initially dissappointed because I didn't have a dark background so it lookd almost completely different. But I quickly realized I had to change wallpaper and the terminal theme. Once everything was black, it was beautiful! Now I just need to darken the rest of my settings through the regular theme manager. :-) Thx for a beautiful emerald theme! - Aug 25 2008
Kamel icons

Icon Sub-Sets by jarulez 51 comments

I love these icons! They are clean and bright! Thank you for providing them! - Aug 13 2008

System Sounds by martyncircus 42 comments

I like these sounds. They are simple and sweet. - Aug 13 2008