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begemot begemot , Russian Federation
Levitating Ubuntu/SuSE/Gentoo Gnu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mandha 4 comments

Nice walls, but Ubuntu url is broken.
Thanks for fixing, beforhand. - Jun 03 2008
Orbital Pack

GTK2 Themes by Kivutar 14 comments

Guys, remember that using background panels images is very dangerous.

So many people using different sizes of gnome-panel and sizes of upper and bottom panels are also different, so it's almost impossible to get the right one for each panel.

Only if you pack a few tens of various image sizes of it.. - May 15 2008
NScripts Ultimate

Nautilus Scripts by rpgmaker 2 comments

Nice selection, buddy.

But i think that "Play in XMMS" is not so actual as "Play in Audacious".
And very useful "Sent to" script is missing.

Thanks anyway. - May 15 2008

Metacity Themes by elehvantti 9 comments

That's really nice job!
Thank You. - May 10 2008
Don't be windows

Wallpapers Windows by o6n 7 comments

Funny! (: - Jan 10 2008
Dropline Neu!

Icon Sub-Sets by ertz 49 comments

Best icons EVER!
"Games" icon is soo sweeaat. (:

But especialy for Ubuntu, blue tones of some icons should be changed to orange, like others. - Jan 10 2008
visto gnome main menu

Various Gnome Stuff by juaka 11 comments

I can't see any useful thing in this.
You just flood all the buttons from Ubuntu menu (which was clearly divided by categories) in one big hole!
Including tracker, for what?!
Useless rip-off. - Jan 09 2008
Send to...

Nautilus Scripts by Adaron 54 comments

Very usefull script! Thank You, Adaron, for the great addition to nautilus-scripts collection.

But here is some fixes from me: first of all (and the main one), it doesn't work with folders, it sends only files.
Please, add "-R" option direct after "cp" command in script to let users sending not just files, but whole folders too! (:

And "Cancel" button still returns error messege "Destination is either not existant or writable". It would be great, if You'll fix it in just closing window without messeges or something like that...

Finally please, add this Russian Translation from me.

#========Russian Translation======
destination='Выберите место назначения'
title_destination='Отправить файлы в:'

title_copy='Пожалуйста, пожоджите...'

success='Файлы успешно скопированы'

errors='Произошёл сбой'

no_writable='Место назначения не существует или недостаточно прав для записи'
#========End of translation======

Thank You beforehand. - Dec 25 2007