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Vit Pelcak , Czech Republic
Lednice chateau

Wallpaper Other by Vojtaeus 1 comment

Some denoise and brightness wouldn't hurt, however. - Jun 06 2008
CrashBit (Fedora/Ubuntu)

Full Icon Themes by igancuhz 98 comments

I miss icons for battery status, liferea, pidgin (some icons for it wouldn't hurt), gedit, Force Quit Button applet and screenlets tray icon.

Thanks. - May 20 2008
BC Tango KDE

Full Icon Themes by boskicinek 36 comments

Iceweasel nonsense? I guess you have absolutelly no idea what you are talking about. - Feb 04 2008

System Sounds by martyncircus 42 comments

And please rename "Ubuntu download" to "Gnome download" or so. It is confusing and may lead to idea, that it is made only for Ubuntu.

We should keep community together. Not discriminate users of other distributions ;-) - Jan 11 2008

System Sounds by martyncircus 42 comments

Please archive those files in directory and then pack it with this directory.

When you do so, after unpacking are files stored in own directory. So users don't have to create special directory for it.

It is just minor thing, but it would be nice. - Jan 11 2008

Full Icon Themes by PyroFlash 8 comments

Perhaps it would be cool to convert your theme to tango style and merge with

This will enable it for kde and gnome and will increase number of icons included.

Regards - Dec 17 2007

Full Icon Themes by PyroFlash 8 comments

That double-shadow of your menu is caused because you've neabled shadows in kde and in compiz at same time. Disable shadows in kde and it will be OK. - Dec 17 2007
Wine Game Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by menace1982 4 comments

You got MTW2 and RTW working under WINE? How did it perform compared to Windows? - Nov 22 2007
My Ubuntu Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by marcoandrossana 2 comments

Nice indeed. Could you add links where did you get those icons, themes wallpaper and so on? - Jul 24 2007
Brasillinux Eye

GDM Themes by lhamas 41 comments

No offence intended, but I was using this picture years ago on my PC. Is it your work?

If yes, then it is trully great picture, but if not, then I can't put good grade as there is no nice menu for configuration and selecting users and so. - Jul 24 2007

Full Icon Themes by bigheadkde 46 comments

That is really great iconpack.

Would you mind adding Krusader, Iceweasel and some other Firefox icons?

Great work indeed. Thanks for it.

My gratitude also comes to all creators of original iconpacks. - Jul 23 2007
86 fonts for design 4/4

Fonts by xulscheme 3 comments

Is this your work? Does it contain also characters

ščřžěůúďť and ŠČŘŽĚÚŤĎ ?

If not, could you add them?

- Jul 23 2007
Glass Icons Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by fosstux 165 comments

It is big shame that this icon theme is no longer developed (author confirmed it). One of coolest themes. Wouldn't someone overtake it? - Feb 25 2007
I had a brief look at that script and I don't see XGL to be downloaded. I'm looking for XGL deb for Testing (to make Beryl working on GF 2 MX). Where should I look? - Feb 24 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Anortix 12 comments

Cool theme. However, shadows of menus are weird. - Jan 29 2007