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Andrew Oleynik
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Aug 26 2011
...that I'm not a berserk of any kind :) - Sep 22 2010
Hello again! I decided to do some work myself instead of making you to do it for me (I guess that's more fair :)).

Here are the two variants of Gentoo logo, which I tried to make in the most similar style to your's as I could:
I mean, technically: 48x48 px with the distance to edges of 2 px, one layer and one path for each picture.

I don't know exactly if these are acceptable, but I hope so =) - Sep 22 2010

Thank you a lot for this work. It's really comfy for me as for Gentoo user to have an option to control and configure even such a part of my desktop's appearance as icons without any need to modify every one personally!

Also, as Gentoo user :) , I have one little request: please include a Gentoo logo! It's the only one I miss in your excellent (I really think so) icon set. - Sep 21 2010
Any Color You Like

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by switzak

Score 83.9%
9   Sep 23 2010