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Mar 17 2009
Cimi, after further investigation I found that not checking for a composited screen was very harmful. It caused many programs not to run when logging into a new Gnome session, namely gnome-settings-daemon. I put back the composited screen check, logged out and logged in and all was fine. I was able to reproduce it too, so it was not just a coincidence. Out of curiosity, I turned off compiz. I verified compiz was indeed off. I then launched gcalctool from a terminal. My module notified me that RGBA was enabled (gdk_is_screen_compoisted() has to return true). I then turned compiz back on, and the gcalctool displayed with a proper alpha channel. I am a little puzzled. Perhaps gdk_screen_is_composited() doesn't do what we think it does? - Mar 18 2009
There was a typo in my example command line for the compiler commands. I typed "pkg-conifg", it should be "pkg-config". My apologies! - Mar 17 2009
Ah yes. Did not think about that. My logic was it would be wasteful to set an RGBA colormap on a non-composited desktop. Thanks Cimi! - Mar 17 2009
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it. Unfortunately there is not much I can do for apps that do not work so good with RGBA colormaps. We will have to wait until these apps (such as nautilus) become more RGBA "friendly". For now I can only provide a way to not allow these apps to have an RGBA colormap. - Mar 15 2009