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Thomas Chmara
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Yasp-Scripted (Systemmonitor) v1.0.8a

Plasma 4 Extensions 301 comments

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Feb 25 2011
I'm using Debian unstable. Since KDE 4.5 I don't see any meters. They first show up when I resize the widget, but they only reach a sane size when i resize it insanely big. I know this has to do with changes made to kde. Is there any way to fix this in yasp? min_height is not helping.

Regards. - Sep 25 2011
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Mar 18 2007
I made a copy of the layer and blured it with a gaussian filter. Then I changed the alpha channel of this layer creating a warm glow. The last thing I did, I balanced the saturation, brightness and contrast of the first layer to bring out the color.

I'm glad people like it.

Greetings from Dresden :) - Mar 22 2007
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by Dex
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Jul 27 2004
You're right,
but this also means (in fact) it still belonges to the creator even if she/he says it is free to use I wouldn't change it to GPL if I'm not the creator. I think this is worth to by mentioned in the description. IMHO Dex should stick to the truth and respect the copyright. At least he answered to nbensa that it's not his art. Anyway, I see that it's most probably just a mistake by Dex. - Jul 27 2004
i dont think you should take credit for someone elses work. In your description you do and even you put this under GPL, but on it's under "Copyright - Jul 27 2004
Give me a hug

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Jul 27 2004
I'll try. It depends on the ideas I get to develop a scene. The next thing is to get this one with "Linux" instead of "Debian". It's almost done. I'll update today. Btw, I'm still learning kpovmodeler. - Jul 27 2004
yes i did it by myself. I did it for practice to learn how to use kpovmodeler. This one is my third contribution to - Jul 27 2004
i do my best. I could try do make other models. I did bender becauce he is easy to create from the shapes you use in kpovmodeler. I will try to do the others but no promise on that (it's just hard to form faces especially when you try to catch a feeling or mood). I will put my files to public maby i get other people interessted. - Jul 27 2004
I'll update it as soon as rendering is ready. Now i run a small sample just to see if it's ok. Also added Flexo :) - Jul 26 2004
project linux

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Jul 22 2004
yes I will but I need a little time to clean it up first. Also I have to rewrite names and comments to english (I'm form germany). - Jul 22 2004
Well, i saw what povray is capable of and this was my motivation to try it out. For me to learn someting is, to use it for real. And why do not start with something bigger? So I developed the idea of bender bending the "L" but the scene seemed still to empty so I added more and more stuff and this is what it become finally.
Now i think this would be a good start for a whole theme of "benders" doeing something with linux. I already have some new ideas and one is just in progress :)
There are a lot of people out there creating great raytraceing images. My idea was just to dedicate something like that to linux.
I don't think i would be so successfull without kpovmodeler, it's a great gui.

I appreciate your comment, thanks. - Jul 22 2004