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svein-kí¥re  bjí¸rnsen , Norway
Elegant Mine

GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 30 comments

I'd love to see a matching gdm and wallpaper ;P - Apr 01 2008
Gnome Star [updated]

Wallpapers Gnome by angusfk 2 comments

rly nice ^^

but even nicer if it said "Gnome" or "Linux" instead of _ice.fractal(ur nick?) - Mar 16 2008
UbuntuStudio Flyer

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Toma- 5 comments

;P thats easy, i can write all of it for u. i just clicked the .svg download link in ubuntu with firefox, and it all came clear in the browser ;P - Dec 22 2007