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Brad Hunter Pittsburg, United States of America
At the Park - #1

Wallpaper Other by lxtwin 3 comments

Oops, I should not assume you are a dad, I'm a dad, so I just assumed. Sorry if this is incorrect. - Aug 30 2009
At the Park - #1

Wallpaper Other by lxtwin 3 comments

I just downloaded your last 5 photos. Thank You! Beautiful. I hope your daughters remember an incredible day like that out with their dad. : ) - Aug 30 2009
The Knight and the Lady

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 1 comment

There is a certain romantic feel that I think will be well received. - Jun 11 2009
Tatto Parlour

Fonts by zafar88 5 comments

ziddu seems uncooperative with KDE. After the bombardment of failed pop ups, I don't want to try it with Firefox. I did get to the download once and after entering the text in image verification, still lost it. The font looks cool, but too much work. Thanks. - Jun 06 2009
Zen Fjord

Wallpaper Other by IndyGroumpf 2 comments

Such a subtle yet significant combination. I would have wondered where in the world it was without your description, it is a very believable image. - Sep 10 2008

Wallpaper Other by vicko 30 comments

I made it my boot splash! - Sep 13 2007