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Kup Backup System

System Software 220 comments

Score 86.5%
Jun 02 2020
I've really enjoyed using this for backing up to a USB hard drive, but now I would like to back up to a NAS. I can access it with a file manager using ftp, but when I copied the address ( into Kup, Kup says the backup destination is unavailable. - Jul 13 2015

System Sounds 3 comments

Score 58.0%
Sep 18 2010
So it does! Must have been a temporary issue with the server. Very nice ambient sounds, using them now! - Jun 15 2013
Just so you know, your file hosting site doesn't provide a link to download your file. The only download button gives me "WhiteSmokeWriter.exe." - Nov 29 2010
Dolphin File-manager-icon

Icon Sub-Sets 2 comments

Score 67.1%
Dec 31 2011
Beautify work, although a bit hard to see when small - Dec 31 2011

Plasma Themes 5 comments

by Moult
Score 67.1%
Jan 16 2010
I really like this theme--especially because it is one of the few with a transparent bar. But all the text is white, so it is often really hard to see against the misty white background of widgets. Could you change the text to black? Or is this just an error on my system? - Mar 25 2010
Aero Glass

deKorator Themes 25 comments

Score 58.0%
May 09 2006
I'm pretty sure there is no way to make deKorator have a transparent theme. To make the decoration tranparent, you need to change the transparency settings in your compositor. - Mar 25 2010
Bespin - Transparent

Be-Shell/Bespin 10 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 17 2010
By the way, how did you get the toolbar background to be opaque with the other windows transparent? I didn't know that was possible... - Mar 24 2010
ARGB is the bespin tool to make windows and other stuff translucent. From what I hear, it takes the standard rgb and converts it so it also has an alpha (transparent) channel...anyway, it only comes with bespin 1044 and up. You may have to install bespin from the svn, compiling with cmake. Once you have the right version of bespin, the "Translucent Windows (Experimental)" will have a slider, as well as many other translucency settings. The configure window for bespin is opened by going into the styles setting of Appearances (if you can't find it, just run "bespin"). Hope this helps instead of being confusing. - Mar 24 2010
Obsidian (left handed version)

Cursors 6 comments

Score 67.1%
Mar 10 2010
I am amazed how few left-handed pointer themes there are. It feels much more natural than right-pointing cursors if you mouse with your left hand! - Mar 14 2010
Shadowport | Alpha

Plasma Themes 13 comments

Score 67.1%
Dec 20 2009
I like the tabbed appearance a lot--but I don't like it at the bottom of the screen. I prefer tabs that "open up" to the window, rather than having the rounded corners and background space between the tab and its window. It just doesn't make sense to me to cut the tab off from its window.
That being said, I moved the panel to the top of the screen. That way the stripe on the bottom blends with the window background.
Later I removed everything except the task manager from the panel at the top, centered, auto-hide, and made it stretch to fit however many windows I have open. Then I tweaked the panel until the dark space was exactly the same width as the window border. Now when I use the task manager, the light strip, active tab, and window background underneath the light strip all blend together. Now my tabs really look like they open up into the window!
Thanks for creating Shadowport! I just wanted to share my configuration with anyone who wants to take the tabbed style further. - Feb 12 2010
3d bio hazzard hd

Icon Sub-Sets 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Apr 27 2009
This is THE most elegant hard drive icon I have seen--I am definitely going to use it for the natural green theme I am going to put together someday.

I know it is supposed to be "biohazard" but that is certainly not the feeling I get when I see it!
Thank you for such wonderful artwork! - Feb 08 2010

Kwin Effects
by mgraesslin

Score 71.7%
Dec 23 2012
rippling water

Wallpaper Other
by ajb3107

Score 71.7%
9   Jun 19 2012
Score 82.6%
9   Dec 31 2011
Score 72.2%
9   Dec 31 2011
Score 74.0%
9   Dec 31 2011
Score 67.1%
9   Dec 31 2011

Plasma Themes
by gomezhyuuga1

Score 83.8%
9   Feb 20 2011

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by Montt

Score 63.3%
9   Feb 13 2011