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Diego Cecato Verona, Italy

System Sounds by Puli 104 comments

i've put this sounds as default system sounds in my's like a "dream"....great job!!! - Feb 18 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba by tweekyd 5 comments

very simply and great.....
where i can find your wallpaper????
in next week i'll update my AmarokFS theme (ipod) and i'll create a new in style with your karamba theme.... - Sep 21 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba by Petunia 14 comments

wasn't so easier if the code was simply
"karamba x=30 y=30 w=540 h=220 color=0,255,255 locked=false
IMAGE X=0 Y=0 PATH="pics/gnutheme.png"
defaultfont font="times" fontsize=12 color=0,0,0
text x=5 y=5 w=350 h=90 sensor=program program="fortune -n 150 -s" interval=60000"
with this solution you have the same theme with more stability....and if you want to do customizable the theme add comment to
#if you don't want the gnu change "gnutheme.png" with "nognu.png"....
but very great theme...great idea... - Sep 18 2007
iPod white theme for AmarokFS

AmarokFS by bigceca 3 comments

thank you for your comment...i'll try to fix this bugs after my birthday.....
i don't have this problem in my laptop, but in my brther's pc there is your same problem...try black theme and tell me what appen.....i think it is a problem in amarok FS, but i'll look same the skin source...

if you want you can read the skin source (it's commented) and compare it with someone who work....

tks for your comment and excuseme for my bad english..... - Aug 11 2007