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Full Icon Themes 46 comments

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Jun 17 2007
Glad you really liked it!

I'm working on a version for KDE 4!

Thank you all for the comments!

- Sep 07 2007
I made the window (emerald) theme myself. I'll upload here soon. - Jun 30 2007
The full icon set with all sizes is really big (about 140 MB), that's why I didn't upload it here. The buildset script already does all the work of conversion (all sizes) for you, although it takes a while (many icons to convert). - Jun 27 2007
I'll try to make it for next version. - Jun 27 2007
Open konsole or another terminal:

You must have imagemagick installed. If you use kubuntu:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

Execute buildset:



sh buildset

Wait the build. I may take some minutes.

A Breathless.tar.gz or Breathless.tar.bzip2 file will be built.

Open kcontrol

On "Icons" choose the tar file.
- Jun 19 2007
First, thanks for the comments.

Nice Suggestions!

I'll take a closer look to them and make them real (as possible) on next version.

If you all have any other suggestions, please post. Let's make this icon pack even more complete.

By the way, there's a way to choose your own mimetype icons for any mimetype file on KDE:

Open Konqueror:

Settings --> Configure Konqueror --> File Associations

You can even add or remove a mimetype there!!

That's one of many reasons I Love KDE, it is very very customizable!

Bye!! - Jun 19 2007
I'd be glad if you send me the download link to publish here!

- Jun 18 2007
Thank you all for the comments.

Hope this icon theme is useful for you all. - Jun 17 2007
Thanks a lot. Glad you really liked it!

I´ll upload an upgraded version soon, with some filesystems icons that are missing. - Jun 16 2007
Thanks a lot!

This file is a little big to upload here at kde-look.

Can I use "" as another download link? - Jun 15 2007
compiz-fusion logo

Compiz Themes 7 comments

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Jun 24 2007
Red and Gold! Perfect.. this one has to win the contest!

Pretty Nice work! - Jun 22 2007

KDE 3.5 Themes 404 comments

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Feb 16 2007
It would be great if there was an option to make gradients on menu (like Qtcurve) and change the for color of it.

Another good option would be to make popup menus square, this way it would be fully compatible to beryl (I think)

Sorry for my English.. still learning - Jun 20 2007