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Ben Finney Melbourne, Australia
Pulse Glass

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by KuduK
Score 79.6%
Aug 05 2012
Thanks again, I now have the PNG images in a tarball.

Only thing remaining for you is to upload it here on opendesktop, so that it's not going to expire for other people to download.

In the page here for the current release of Pulse Glass cursor theme, just add another “content file”, select type “Source”, and upload the source tarball.
- Jun 08 2010
Thanks very much. Unfortunately, RAR is a non-free archive format (patent-encumbered in many jurisdictions) so I can't uncompress it on a free-software operating system.

Can you please upload the source as a tarball: that is, GNU tar archive compressed with a ubiquitous free compression format like Gzip or BZip2 or XZ.

It would be great, too, if that tarball was uploaded to a stable URL and linked at this project as the source download.
- Jun 08 2010
These look quite slick, very cool.

Can you make a source tarball available of the source images for editing? Perhaps SVG source images?
- Jun 08 2010

by jlue

Score 85.7%
Jun 04 2010