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Derek bigVoice
Zelda: Ocarina of Time

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by TrigunSensei 7 comments

looks perfect!

And the boot screen looks great also. - Jul 27 2005
Zelda: Ocarina of Time

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by TrigunSensei 7 comments

I like the work.

Is this GPL? Did you get permission to release those images under a GPL? Should you consider a different license? - Jul 26 2005
Angelina : Jolie and Beautiful

Wallpaper Other by proflynx 5 comments

Hey proflynx,

I appreciate that you'd think that, and you did add your hard work to it... but unfortunately you just can't incorporate other people's copyrighted work (which this almost certainly IS) and still have it be GPL.

Thanks for the work, but maybe think about listing another license. - May 31 2005
Crystal SVG

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 132 comments

I agree. These icons are beautiful. Are you choosing to release them under an open source license? - Dec 20 2004
Lobo The Main Man

Wallpaper Other by mat 1 comment

I really like the work, but can you put this into a GPL license? I'm pretty sure DC comics owns that character and probably that art. Did they release it GPL? - Aug 04 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Oryx 7 comments

I think the point is "do you have the right to use the picture at all"? Did YOU take that photograph, or did the original photographer give you permission to use the picture, and the "band" (using the word loosely ;) sign release forms?

Sincerely appreciate the time and effort you've put into this, and I know many people love your work, but we have to be careful NOT to release other people's copyrighted work into OSS or OSS-style licenses. - Jul 12 2004

People by ironuckles 7 comments

Do you own this picture? Do you have the right to release this under GPL? - Apr 18 2004
Mozilla Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by marcm2003 6 comments

Well, for what its worth, I've requested the source from 3 authors on this site, and only gotten 1 ever, although to be fair, I only requested this source on the 5 days ago. He might still come through... I've also requested the source in a private email.

If you're an author of work on this site, then sincere thanks for your wonderful work and sharing your work with the world, but also PLEASE make sure you release it under a license that you are comfortable with, and respect the terms of that license. - Mar 26 2004
Mozilla Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by marcm2003 6 comments

I love the work... excellent! Please finish up the set!

What program are you using to create? Would you be willing to share the source? - Mar 22 2004
shrek splash screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by rastapaye 8 comments

I completely agree. Not to take away from your work... I like it... but people posting to this site (or any other) should take a few moments to consider what license is appropriate for their work. - Jan 13 2004
Wolverine Ktheme

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by demone 4 comments


Nice work, but I'm wondering how you got 20th Century Fox's permission to use this image under a GPL license? - Dec 30 2003
Love green car not jesus

Wallpaper Other by saho 13 comments

All great ideas. What about creating a volutary "flag" that submitters could use if they felt their material might not be appreciated by all, and then allowing users to customize their viewing experience by selecting "all but self-regulated items"... - Dec 15 2003
Just another wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by AeroSouL 4 comments

Hi AeroSouL,

Great work. Would you mind telling me where I could grab the source file(s). I notice the download is a .jpg.

Love the work! - Dec 15 2003