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Blase Stanek , Poland
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 227 comments

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Sep 23 2007
I've made some small fixes - now it should work better.
- Jun 13 2008

This option is exactly to make kooldock behave like this.

The simpliest method to do taht at once is to recomple the dock with that change:

In kooldock.cpp replace

void KoolDock::setDockAbove() {
KWin::setState(winId(), NET::KeepAbove);


void KoolDock::setDockAbove() {
//KWin::setState(winId(), NET::KeepAbove);

- May 17 2008
You can download it from svn*checkout*/kooldock/Makefile.cvs - May 17 2008
No, kooldock use dcop only to do some things with other apps, but doesn't create dcop server. - Apr 29 2008
I'll check it. - Apr 29 2008
To create configure use

make -f Makefile.cvs - Apr 15 2008

That's a bit problematic - I'm not good enough to add systray support that colud be satisfying.

But maybe during holidays I'll try to do something about it.
- Apr 15 2008

Version 0.4.7 is a bit buggy, and likes to crash in unexpected situations.
I recomend to use version from SVN. If you are already using it, and problem appears in that version, then it's unfixed yet.

To download version from SVN use this command (in an empty folder):
svn co kooldock - Mar 20 2008
Hi, I know about bug, that causes crashes of X server - it's solved in latest version (not released yet, download sorce from SVN!)

Greets - Mar 18 2008
3) You can use ordinary autostart from KDE. It's usually placed in ~/.kde/Autostart
Create there a text file, and write in it:

#! /bin/bash

or wahtever you need, and give it 'exectuable' status.
- Mar 16 2008
2) As path to file use:
konqueror /path/to/your/folder
If you use KDE4 and dolphin, type dolphin instead of konqueror.
- Mar 16 2008
1) Instead of using Kooldock's K menu, you can add manually .desktop shortcut, that do same thing. So:
Add icon to kooldock's quick launch, name it i.e. kmenu, and as file to run type:
dcop kicker kicker popupKMenu 0
Choose icon, and click OK. Place that icon where you want it, and apply settings.
Now, open kooldock, and right click on your new icon, and click 'Edit Element'.
Open third tab (Program), and click button 'Advanced options'. In window, that the button would have opened, should be 'Show notification' or something like that - is it's ticked, uncheck that box.
- Mar 16 2008

Probably you need to istall gcc-c++ compiler. - Nov 03 2007

1. Do you use beryl/compiz?
2. Do you use kooldock's option 'stay below windows when not used'? - Nov 03 2007

Hm, weird. Previously you compiled it with no problems, but now it don't work? Which vesion of KDE do you use? - Nov 03 2007
Have you previously installed kooldock from source, or from any kind of compiled package? - Oct 23 2007
It seems you need to innstall kdelibs-devel, kdelibs-dev, or something like that for your distro, if these two won't be suitable. - Oct 21 2007
Check the version from SVN - I have made some changes and it should work. - Oct 21 2007
Check the version from SVN - I have made some changes and it should work. - Oct 21 2007
Try to disable 'Navigation menu' option - that should help. - Oct 19 2007
The information about KSmoothDock is additional, and the information about break in developement referres to KoolDock v 0.3
- Sep 25 2007
Multiple instances: Currently it can be done only by running it as different users. However - it's not very problematic and can be solved.

Filtering: I understand, you want to show only specified application in kooldock. That is more difficult, but also possible. - Sep 25 2007
And in Kooldock 0.4.7 source package. - Sep 23 2007
Thanks for doing the translation - it's already on SVN. - Sep 23 2007
Sorry - my fault. I've updated SVN - I hope it will work. - Sep 04 2007
For version 0.4.6
make -f Makefile.dist
should do the trick, but for source code from SVN use this:
make -f Makefile.cvs

I recomend to use version from SVN - it's much better (however it's not complited yet, and some features don't work fully, or don't do anything). - Aug 27 2007
As i remember that flicker was appearing, when kooldock was in non-autohide mode. This one should be fixed (this version isn't publicated yet), but now I noticed, that there is another bug in autohide mode. - Aug 09 2007

Ad. 'Flying mneus' - I don't think I could do it.

But probably there will be possible to create own menu for each launcher icon.

- Aug 09 2007
Yet, I'm able to do this. What extentions exactly do you want to add, only running external applications, or something more? - Jun 27 2007

I'll check how kooldock works with beryl again. Now, I can tell only about kooldock's command line usage - kooldock -k kills all kooldock's, and kooldock -o makes, that settings window will be shown at start.
And, if you are using kooldock v 0.4.6 I suggest use latest version, from SVN repository, maybe it will work better. - Jun 27 2007

No, it's not possible to do in current version. It's surely possible, but I have some difficulties with it, so I'm not sure whether it will be added soon. - Jun 27 2007

I understand, you tried to add files to kooldock with drag'n'drop method? It's not implemented yet, but I hope I cope with it, and this feature probably will be in next version. - Jun 19 2007

Probably you haven't set this option, and kooldock appears on bottom (default).
To do this right click on kooldock, and choose "Edit preferences" somewhere there. In preferences window is a tab named "Position and speed", and it allows to change kooldock's screen position. - Jun 02 2007
I think it's good to not use unsermake.
I'm planning to add necessary files, that it will be not necessary to use auto* tools anymore, so you can send me nl.po, to prepare - May 06 2007
Ok, so then it's necessary to remove the makefile and from folder ./po and run auntomake procedures again. It will create or which make install will put in proper place. - May 06 2007
Ok, I've prepared PO template with updated string table. You can download it here*checkout*/kooldock/po/kooldock.pot

It's necessary to rename it to {language symbol}.po (i.e. for polish it's pl.po for french fr.po).
You can translate it in programs like poEdit or do it in any text editor.
Inside the file you'll find such lines:

msgid "&Edit item"
msgstr ""

Mgsgid contains original text, and msgstr its translation. Don't stay empty translatios, they shold be removed then.

You can send me filled file via email. - May 04 2007
I forget to mention, that your problem should be solved in version on SVN. - May 01 2007
I've put new kooldock on SVN repository (checkout:
#svn co kooldock
- Kooldock window is sticky
- Added: option stay below when not used
- Added: option show only minimized icons (only icons of minimized windows will be showed on the dock)

- Apr 28 2007
I'll check the forum. I haven't noticed search facility, and it could take me some time.

"drop make -f Makefile.dist" - I thought it's platform dependent. But if it isn't, then I'll add these files in 0.4.7. - Apr 11 2007

1. Yum must use context menu of icon on dock, not in configuration. I haven't noticed it, I'll fix it soon.

2. It's a bit difficult. Probably, I won't add it in near future.

3. I've made some changes, that in incoming version it'll be fixed. - Apr 10 2007
I'm glad it'd possible to compile. I forget to ask which version of automake you're using? I've checked the code, and it should work even with v 1.10.

If you want technical info, about translation, then the files are in folder ../po
There is file kooldock.pot which is empty translation file. Italian translation is based on this file, and have the same entries. Other are outdated. - Apr 10 2007
Hmm, now I noticed, you wrote that, ./configure complains about missing files. Are they really missing?

make -f Makefile.dist

should create it with configure script. - Apr 06 2007
If you right click it, in menu you can find 'Options', and there you can choose where kooldock has to appear.

Ps. Thank, you gave me an idea - open on click, I'll add it in new version. - Apr 06 2007
This problem is in version 0.4.6, 0.3 or in both? - Apr 06 2007
I've put there the same compilation scripts, as in v 0.4.6. I'll try to update my kdevelop, and use the newest ones. - Apr 05 2007
Ok, so I've uploaded old kooldock's version. It can be downloaded here: - Apr 04 2007
Hmm, I'll check what it could be. - Apr 04 2007

Yes, kooldock need qt3 to work. I only write, packages aren't mine, and I can't help. - Apr 04 2007
Actually - only in config file. This entry is called "iSpace". - Mar 30 2007
Thanks, I'll add it soon. - Mar 30 2007