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Bisser Alexiev London, United Kingdom
BiSOFT-GTK3, MacOS-like

Gnome Shell Themes 39 comments

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Feb 24 2013
thank you for reminding me. Of course I will during Easter :) - Apr 18 2014
Yes you're right : this is a fault of GTK-3 + for Maya; it is because I am already on Mint-14 - where the theme works OK; I will check the code and will fix it for both latest Mints.
Thank U for the feedback !!! - Mar 04 2013
OK you can easily get them from /metacity-1 dir of the theme, where-ever you put the theme

I use as root the system dir :


actually the frame buttons are not mine;I use an old theme, slightly modify them to fit into my greyish frame with a little hole arround and so on.

As every linux user you are free to use my scripts where necessary ...
Good luck !!! - Jan 22 2013
Actually I have given a link to my icon-pack at the end of the description :

it's a little windows-like but I have almost remade every icon inside :)
Bisser - Jul 05 2012
OK if you can open panel.css in /gnome shell dir :
#panel {
color: #fff;
background-gradient-direction: vertical;
background-gradient-start: rgba(8,8,8,0.85);
background-gradient-end: rgba(8,8,8,0.35);
box-shadow: inset 0 -2px 2px 0 rgba(8,8,8,0.15);
border: 1px solid rgba(255,255,255,0.25);
border-left: 0px;
border-right: 0px;
border-top: 0px;
border-bottom: 1px;
font-size: 10pt;
font-weight: bold;
height: 26px;

in this section the last parameter in the background-gradient-start (end) 0.85 -> 0.35 determines the transperancy. Main color #fff - white here
The same you may do in the cinnamon.css in the same section.
I'll be glad if could help ?
Bisser - Jul 05 2012
Actually not for me ... I work on a 26" panel 1,5m in front of me, and they are just fine ! OK, take a look inside the theme in ./BiSOFT-G3/metacity-1/Big are the biggest images but in ./BiSOFT-G3/metacity-1/normal are the normal ones ... actually I don't remember weather I left the big ones at the end, beg your pardon ?! Just copy all the images from any of these dirs to the ../metacity-1 dir and restart the theme ... or you may do them even smaller (now the normal ones are 24px), make them 20px or even 16px, with inkscape - all images are unlocked and free to used ...
Good luck :) - Apr 04 2012
Yes, from this very moment - yes ... specially for U :)
Works perfectly .. though Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is still in beta2 - but it's very closed to the deadline ...
How to install, long ago I've used to add a readme.txt in my packs, but now I thought everyone knows HowTo - OK ...
You must extract the data from the BiSOFT-G3.tar.gz file anywhere in your system OR specially to
./home/'yourname'/.themes - don't forget the 'dot' before .themes - it's a 'hidden' dir, you may also extract or move later the BiSOFT-G3 directory to -> /usr/share/themes/ directory for optimal use from the system - but this you should do on admin's rights with 'gksudo nautilus' command from the terminal, for instance ...
Good Luck, friend ... - Apr 03 2012
OK Ubuntu 12.04 is still in beta2 by the moment ... and that beta does not support anything from the past :)
If you carefully read the description of my packs - I've paid attention mainly on Cinnamon support; actually I use LinuxMint 12 lisa with Cinnamon 1.4 and the theme is FULLY COMPATIBLE with this distro I guarrantee ... - Apr 02 2012
Thanx, it's OK - Feb 18 2012
Actually, I am not trying to COPY any MAC idea, this is not my goal :)
So you should not judge me for this ...
THIS IS MY THEME ... and it's MacOS-like, as much as I want it to be.
The photo shot, that U pointed are not the Best ever seen for a Mac theme,
but nevertheless -> 'по вкусу и цвету, товарища нет ту ?!' ... :) - Feb 18 2012
What do U mean by : "name/permissions/size"
what exactly do U want to achieve. My first photo-shot is a container image of the files in the pack, nothing more ...
I wanted to show to the guys what's in :)
OK, actually everything may be fixed - in the frame or size or icons, give me some code, U what to fix and I'll try to help U ... - Feb 16 2012
Пробвай сега тази е upgrade-ната има си всичко ... просто разархивираш bisoft-gtk3.tar.gz -> /home/username/.themes -> където 'username' е твоята машина ... ако няма директория /.themes си я направи = обезателно с '.' отпред :)
И после в Advanced Settings -> Themes, както е показано на 1-вата картинка си избираш моята тема, тук в този архив няма да има курсор като този (KDE), заради него ми се 'дънеше' темата в началото .., но ако трябва ще ти го изпратя и него ... Успех :)
- Feb 06 2012
Всъщност аз съм програмист и от много години ползвам Linux и пробвам почти всичко, което излезне на пазара. Винаги най ми допада LinuxMint, която и да е дистрибуция : на 6-те ми лаптопа има : 2 са отснощи на LinuxMint-12 KDE - най-добрата професионална дистрибуция за момента (съжелявам, че го казвам в Gnome-форума); 1 - LinuxMint-10 (Julia) - най-стабилният, но 'беден' - на него си работя всичко; 2 - LinuxMint-11(Katya)-най-удобният (на дъщерите ми pc-тата) и 1 пробен сега е с Ubuntu-11.10, специално за този проект; иначе на desktop-овете ми има почти навсякъде LinuxMint-11(той има само бъгове при панелните джаджи, някой път при старт) иначе е перфектен; Lisa-та(12) на Минт, нормален режим е по-лоша от Mint-11, говоря за Gnomе-овете. Ubuntuto, винаги ми се е струвало много 'бедно' откъм ресурси (out of the box) ... Пробвал съм openSUSE - красив, но много-о-о тежко-о-о.. Zorin - красива windows-like, Fedora, Arch - дървета ?!; PcLinuxOS, DreamLinux,Mandriva,Knoppix,Gentoo - чужди са ми; Xubuntu, Lubuntu Puppy и Mepis - леки и бързи, но'бедни'... и т.н. и пак обратно към Mint, ко-щеш :)
Тук дали няма да ни направят забележка, че си пишем на BG ? Да ни пратят към ? - Feb 04 2012
Всъщност тази тема работи по-добре на Lisa (Mint-12) там и курсора на KDE става по default; сега я пробвам и на Ubuntu-то (11.10...Unity-3D) - такова дърво е това тяхно Unity ?! - Feb 03 2012
Did you like it ? I saw you are a fan of colourful new things, MAC-OS too, I think :) And here I have truely supported gtk-3.x / under code script of one of the most popular Adwaita theme, with some customization of course !?
nevertheless help me a little with the transparencies of Ubuntu 11.10 ?! - Feb 03 2012
BiSOFT-Xfce Graybird

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 16 comments

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Aug 31 2013
in addition the theme frame should be naturally grey about : #888888 and starting from this point the alpha cannel is to be used to white ...
Kokodi is an old theme that I used from LinuxMint-13 Maya and earlier distros - it was one of the defaults there. I modified it for my WinXP-look like modules/also colleced in bisoft-greybird theme. But Kokodi is used only for Windows like versions. This is from the series of MacOS like themes they are an other story -> combination of buttons from Unity in Ubuntu + some old GTK 3.2 'London-Smoke' theme with a new 'themerc' software which I applied to gather the whole stuff. So MacOS like themes have nothing to do with Kokodi ones :( - Nov 11 2013
Hi again,

If we are speaking about the transparency, alpha channel is to be applied via "Settings" in Windows Manager section -> tweaks -> Compositor, as shown in the picture below. As you can see in my case transparency is enabled and working perfectly. This is LinuxMint-14 with GTK-3.5 ... actually nothing wrong here. Further more the system with Linux-xfce 4.10 ( I have checked on Xubuntu and Voyager) start the problem, that's why I think it's something to do with the new Kernels, and Xfwm4_ modules start to crash might be because of the newer GTK. But this is my suggestion.
Never tried on Mageia 3 (4.10), but suppose it would be like Xubuntu-13.04 / 13.10 issue.
Take a look on my desktop - the settings and the transparency of the frames :)

Good luck

- Nov 11 2013
Hi mithion,

Thank you for the interest to my theme.
Actually if you are running the last and the one before XFCE platforms : xubuntu 13.04 and 13.10 , as well as mint 15 xfce distros, there are some misunderstandings with my xfwm4_ :whatever frame factors.
I saw some destroying bugs of the frames after GTK 3.4 base as it was specially made on this library, and maybe I should change my themerc file with some 'modern' command lines in it :).
If you have a look in my xfwm4 folders, all images with (.xpm) extension are transparent, if opened with GIMP or anything else which deals with the graphics: there is alfa channel in them, so transparency is applied.
The problem must come from newer kernels in xfce.
I know its annoying, that's why I still keep my LinuxMint-14 Xfce version on my main computer that I work with which works best with this theme.
I thought that in 13.10 this should be fixed by the new GTK, but still the problem persists.
I will make a research soon and will answer you in more. OK?
Bisser - Nov 08 2013
OK then :)
I'm glad you'd like it ... Skype is a special talk. 64-bit ver, for instance does not accept any of our frame scripts, unless specially approached :(

You may take a look also on my other themes for Gnome dark one :

green one :

or transparent Win7 like :

You are Welcome for any suggestions or upgrades ... - Sep 25 2013
Thank You gspezzano,

for your good words. Actually I don't think that my themes (specially this one) is too dark, neither I have try it in combination with other than my themes.
The problem maybe because of the combination with other then the original themes. If you have tried a lot of them, usually Linux mix them and mess up things together.
This happens, only because our themes (customized ones) are not covering all settings by default out of the original thems.
My recommendation is to first go back to 'Mint X' theme (if you use LinuxMint XFCE edition of course) and them switch to any other, including my themes. The theme 'BiSOFT-Xfce Graybird v.15' or any other my theme from that edition is (are) specially made a bit greyish in order to best fit to all browsers and I tried NOT to use white color (#ffffff / neither black:#000000, if possible) in order to meet the requirement of almost all apps.
Sliders, buttons, frames are a bit likely MAC OS but still 'my edition' because I like them in such way, if you do not it's up to you :)

Anyway, thank you for your opinion, I will try add some more stuff to aprove the theme.

Good Luck !!! - Sep 25 2013
Thank you my friend for the good words and for the fix. I have already applied it in my script, as well as some other fixes found recently .. - Aug 31 2013
Thank you.
I am happy you like it. Recently I often install to my customers pcs only xfce with this theme and they are really happy :)
If I can help you ... may give you more staff for xfce, any platform, especially for LinuxMint XFCE-s.
Good luck ! - May 17 2013
BiSOFT-GTK3 dark Edition

Cinnamon Themes 4 comments

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Jan 21 2013
OK I will try to explain you:

Switch your filebrowser (Nautilus, Nemo, Thunar, Dolphin, which is your default one) 'View' -> 'show hidden files' = ON to see the hidden directories; on any Linux you may put my theme into directory :
... where {username} is your name of user during registration. If there is no such directory, you must make it -> run Terminal and type :
mkdir ~/.theme
don't need to be sudo, but it should be hidden (with {.} before 'themes'); then expand (just double click on my file) the contents of the archive into :
and you are done; now you may change to my theme in the system settings.

First become SuperUser -> type in the Terminal :
sudo su -
... type your password ...
Do the same things - expand my stuff, but into directory :
... it should be already opened;
The difference is that now, the theme becomes intergrated into your Linux and is available for any user on your pc, which I definately prefer.

Good Luck !!! - Apr 03 2013
I'm glad you like it :) I have paid special attention to the Cinnamon 1.3, updated it to the latest state /Feb.18 Clem's edition/ and I think we are on the top now, my friend, aren't we :) ?!
Nevertheless, I have some problems with the buttons on the bottom taskbar of Mint-12 in Gnome-Shell mode : they are not as I like them to be ?! In Ubuntu 11.10 and it's Unity everything is OK, I've tested already ...
Can you give a help, Champ on this issue ? - Feb 21 2012
BiSOFT-G3A,Win7-like,All-In-One PACK

Cinnamon Themes 6 comments

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Feb 24 2013
This is Linux at the end ... in this theme only metacity-1 is Win-7 like (frames and buttons' prelight) I also use my Win-7 like icon pack;
But actually the final goal is NOT to copy Windows, rather than use the best appearance in the Linux environment :) - Feb 24 2013
about why so big icons : not that big - just 22px , my 26" monitor is hanged on the wall 2meters before me, that's why :) sometimes we need some comfortability ?! - Mar 13 2012
There aren't any apple buttons in this theme or I mixed something with the othe my themes ?!
The upper panel uses the default icon pack of ubuntu (LinuxMint), but inside the theme I use my Win-like icon theme etc . - Mar 13 2012
BiSOFT-G3G, Green Line Project

Cinnamon Themes 3 comments

Score 63.3%
Jan 20 2013
Thanx Champ, you'd helped me a lot in this :) - Feb 19 2012
Trans-Blues Gnome Shell + Cinnamon Theme

Cinnamon Themes 6 comments

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Jan 24 2012
Nice work champ :)
I am also a fan of your work, but tell me pls, like to a novice of gkt-3.x, how did you manage to make the trasparency of the panels, without Compiz working; where is the secret ?
Bisser - Feb 03 2012

Full Icon Themes 6 comments

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Feb 02 2012
Thanx, my friend.
I am really happy, you like it :)
Take a look here :

that metacity-1 frame theme is working perfectly with this IconPack-G3, they are linked inside the code !? Though it's inspired by Mac-OS idea, we all want to make our desktops look brighter and colourfull, aren't we ???
If you prefer win7-like, this link bellow also works with my IconPack-G3, I have made it already : - Feb 02 2012
OK, Great, I can recognize my icon-pack, working on your pc, even better than on mine :)
Thanx for the picture, my friend !
Bisser - Feb 02 2012
Win7-like icon theme, now for Gnome-3x

Full Icon Themes 15 comments

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Jan 20 2013
Ok champ, check this for Gnome-3 (11.10 and 12.04 beta, works fine, though can hardly fix the icon resizings ?!) :

any ideas ? - Feb 02 2012
OK, I have made a new theme for Gnome-3, using my favorite windows-like icons and re-made a little the source code; you may check it here :

Good Luck ...
- Feb 02 2012
OK, you are right guys... I am still working on my beloved Mint-11 (Katya/11.04 ubuntu) and as far as I am making computers, they are all on Katya/11.04 or something of the sort ?! So, really I didn't try it on Gnome 3.0 > and above, I HATE UNITY ?! It's my fault, but the main idea was to keep windows-like best appearance & performance, isn't it ?! I'll change the code a little bit ... by the way guys, I am a developer and will make it work for you :) - Feb 01 2012
OK, thanx for the vote !!! I will try it tonight; I have a laptop to make with LINUX (of course) ?!? I will make it with Ubuntu 11.10 specially, upgraded to the possible END and will fix the problem with the icons-pack, I promise :) maybe should change the code a little ... actually I had a great work to make it suitable to the KDE platform, because the Mint 12 is to released ... OK, I will do my best to fix the problem; pardon for my mistake ?! - Feb 01 2012
maybe you must change in the 'index.theme' (inside the directory of the theme) the 'inherits=gnome' (mine are 'inherits=hicolor') ?! First change the rights of the file to rwxrwx--x, open, edit and save with 'gedit' and try the theme; works on ubuntu 11.04 for sure, I have tied; should work on ubuntu 3 > also ?! - Feb 01 2012
OK, it's ubuntu 11.10 = LinuxMint12 Lisa... extract to either /home/user/.icons/ (where user=your ... or from 'file system' to /usr/share/icons/ - but here you should use the 'gksudo nautilus' command from the terminal ... do you know how ?
I have made this icon-pack - universal, if you extract it either to the your home dir or as admin into the system folder : /usr/share/icons/ ... sure you'll see it in the menu for icon choosing from your distro. I've tried on Lisa : it's working; should work on ubuntu 11.10 as well ! Good luck !!! - Jan 31 2012
As you can see only a few windows-like icons are used in my theme : 'My Computer', some icons of devices and some of the panel icons like 'network' and 'volume', and even them I've modified in orientation, colour and size quite a lot with the help of GIMP. 'Folders' and 'system' icons - as you can see are mirrored, shadowed and with quite a bit orange coloured, rather than the yellowish right orientated Microsoft icons ... Actually, those I've taken ready-made ?! ... All other icons > 90% are collected from different GPL sources, the same that I work under.
My idea was not to copy Microsoft or share rights with ... no , not at all ... but to make those guys, that are switching from Windows to feel LINUX more comfortable in a Windows-like environment :) - Jan 26 2012
OSX icon theme port

Full Icon Themes 20 comments

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Jan 27 2012
I think that Linux IS and should be a FREE and THE MOST FLEXIBLE Operation System, compared to the rest, including MacOS and Microsoft, rather than coping the whole system from them.
Thus, this author is FREE to customise his system the way he likes best !? I mix the best icons, that can find in the web, and create awesome mixtures of 'Apple' start-button with win-icons and self-made ones : the result is everybody whom I make a Linux installation is happy :)
There are a lot of great pictures in this world, and Linux is the right way to used them like icons for free ...
That's why we all LOVE LINUX :) - Jan 27 2012
Score 68.0%
Feb 03 2012