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nicola degara Kubuntu, Italy
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Beaches and Oceans
Plasma 4 Extensions
Nagios Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 11 comments

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Feb 25 2011
Try to install python-lxml package... - Sep 04 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions 22 comments

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Nov 10 2009
I mean.. Now please please use the common setting procedure of the other plasmoids offered directly by the framework...

...when you have the widget desktop unlocked, just click on the setting button (wrench) that is placed where there are the resize and the orientation widget functions...

I think that now it should work ;-)

Sorry for the troubles that this caused!


Nicola - Nov 10 2009
I think I've found the problem.. Please try the newest version 1.2.2

Let me know!

- Nov 10 2009
you are referring to... what?

thank you

- Nov 09 2009
Are you sure?

I am using KDE 4.3.2 on Kubuntu and the setting button is working without any strange behaviour...

let me know more about your configuration.. - Nov 09 2009
strange :-(

Are you really using Konqueror? I mean.. can you please confirm that you have at least a bookmark in Konqueror? In case you do not have it please create one and restart the plasmoid... Konqueror will create the bookmark file ( usually in ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/bookmarks.xml )

very strange :-(

Can you access to the widget settings and change the preferences to another browser.. for example to firefox-3?

Other plasmoids in python are working in your environment correctly?

- Mar 25 2009
Now Opera is supported. - Mar 05 2009
As a temporary workaround you can use the perl script in this website
and this will convert the opera *.adr into xbel format.

1. copy all the script into a

2. run the command ./ opera6.adr > opera.xml

3 create a symbolic link to cheat the widget
ln -s PATHOFWORK/opera.xml ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/bookmarks.xml

4. re-publish the widget

Anyway it looks easy also to enhance the widget in the future
- Feb 25 2009
Currently this plasmoid is based exclusively on the konqueror bookmark(~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/bookmarks.xml) - [xbel format]

The configuration interface for the widget is not ready so it is not possible to change the file path. Sorry for that!
Anyway currently it is supported only XBEL parsing.

The enhancement that it is needed for this operation is to let the widget be able to read the file operaX.adr
and read all the blocks defined with #URL tag.

It is a good idea! I may add this function and let you choose the browser on the configuration interface!

- Feb 25 2009
Anyway in Kubuntu you need python-plasma
- Feb 24 2009
It is a very very simple widget that let you key in a url and open it into the default browser.
- Feb 24 2009

Sorry for the inconvenience ... - Feb 22 2009
If you experience a focus problem when you add it on the menu panel please refer to

...Maybe it is my bug :-)

The problem at the moment on the menu panel happens only with non-kde applications (firefox, thunderbird)

On the desktop the widget works fine. - Feb 22 2009
To install this very easy widget please just untar the package

#tar xvfz QuickUrl.tar.gz
#plasmapkg -i QuickUrl.plasmoid

If you want to remove it just type
#plasmapkg -r QuickUrl.plasmoid

- Feb 22 2009

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Apr 13 2009
Maybe it is time to work on it again...

See you! - Aug 06 2009
maybe it is time to get back to work...I'll see if I can enhance it!

Bye - Aug 06 2009
I have added some comments in - Apr 13 2009
I know.. I will try to fix it in the next version as soon as I have some time... ;-)

Or you can just unzip the .plasmoid and change the size of the icon :-) - Apr 13 2009
can you please add more info about your environment (kde, distro).

Thank you

Nicola - Apr 13 2009
Ransom Countdown

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Mar 27 2009
Thank you!

Done in 0.4.4 :-) - Mar 27 2009
Hangzhou West lake

Nature 4 comments

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Feb 10 2009
Dear abhaypatil,
sorry for my late reply.

I would like to thank you for your clarification and suggestions...
and good luck for your progression!


Nicola - Feb 12 2009
Hole in the sky

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Dec 14 2008
Congratulation lucky guy! - Feb 11 2009
Morning ..

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Jun 23 2008
I have published the picture on kde-look server directly.. because it was not possible to download it with palsma desktop wallpaper download :-)


Nicola - Jun 23 2008
Wuzhen - China

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Nov 22 2006
Wuzhen is a small water town 1,5 hours from Shanghai. - Nov 22 2006
Winter - Ludwig Castle - Germany

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Nov 19 2006
The picture is from December 2005! If I remember correctly :-)

- Nov 21 2006
Nagios Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions
by nik3nt3

Score 74.3%
Sep 04 2011