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Sam Cooperman
[DynIce] axios

Ice-WM Themes by Yaba 1 comment

great work, im using it now!

also - how do u get the console on the desktop like that? - Jul 22 2004
Kopete -> iChat Style

Various Stuff by Magus 53 comments

Well its been some time

any new versions planned soon by any chance?

have you done any other work... ie karamba themes or waht not? I like your style....

- Jun 06 2004
Baghira SuSE 9.x RPM

KDE 3.5 Themes by Massive 154 comments

nice kicker replacement... is that just the superkaramba theme thats been floating around here for ever, or is it something new? could u direce me to a download? O:-)

thanks for your good work on the 9.0/9.1 package - all us susers will really apprc. it! - May 15 2004

Wallpaper Other by atomicpc 4 comments

dont worry - i've been wondering the same thing actually. looks neat

nice bg - May 15 2004
cynapses karamba

Karamba & Superkaramba by gladiac 168 comments

1) What is the original theme?
2) Does it have anything to do with seti@home usage monitoring (only a command line client for linux users)?
3)Where can i find it?

thank you very much in advance. - Apr 27 2004
zsnes icon

Icon Sub-Sets by tri5tian 4 comments

I saw this icon and became interested in the program. Besides being an emulator, i couldn't gleen much more information from sourceforge or from their webpage. In fact, the webpage shows up as just a banner of the name of the program... Can you give us some more information? - Apr 27 2004