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Tymothy Robin , Poland
Deep Abyss

Kicker Panel by BlueLinux 2 comments

Wow this looks fresh for me. Keep a good work. Maybe u should start think about wmdeco&style for kde with some similar patterns? this would be perfect oposition to boring vista's styles..

Regards. - Aug 21 2007
My Vista Linux :)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by AngelusNoctis 5 comments

im wonder that if we change this vista based look to macosx based look did u still say sux ? i think that author of this shot aims to get info about how near he is in coping vista look then to get know what we think about vista ;).

- Apr 21 2007
Slack11+Beryl screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Blizzi 2 comments

hi :)
its here

regards - Apr 21 2007
Stargate SG-1&Atlantis Wallpapers

Wallpaper Other by chichovoto 8 comments

i think that this images orginally ware not licensed under gpl!

please check orginal license. - Mar 20 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by Blizzi 4 comments

hi :)
transparent background in menu is a option in
kcontrol=>style settings=> second tab (effects)& switch postion called Menu to transparent.. but color is depend on style.
for example in keramik when u change "button background" color to dark or black u will gain a black or dark menu ;). i have no idea how to do this in other way, also i know that in other styles it can be something other then button background.
If somebody know how to change menu background color without changing theme colors then plz let me know ;) - Feb 28 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by Blizzi 3 comments

well font color in menu is example of how jpeg compression can destroy quality of your images.
This font is simply gray.
backgroud is black with transparency
u can achive it by setting in
"kcontrol=>Appearance & Themes=>Colors"
proper colors for "Button Background".
Its must be black. then u have black menu. Next you must enable transparent menu in
"kcontrol=>Appearance & Themes=>Style"
=> Effects tab => "Menu" switch to transparency.
thats all.

- Feb 23 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by Blizzi 3 comments

Hi all!!
this is first try of pkg for slack11
its create bak of
and install new ones from pkg

i dont have any idea how to do this in other way then pkg. problem is that kside.png is a part of kde packages and thats result in skipping installed files when we do removepkg. Any ideas are welcome. - Feb 22 2007