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GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 31 comments

Thanks akt2749.
Hope you enjoy using it. - Jun 18 2020
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GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 31 comments

Do you mean a full cinnamon theme? maybe in near future - Jun 18 2020
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GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 31 comments

@dshdsh now attached the small file for cinnamon. Please check it - Jun 18 2020
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GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 31 comments

And cinnamon has its own metacity version. Look at it, and as soon as i have a cinnamon version ready (suppose tommorow) will add it to the download links. Hope you find a mathing cinnamon theme - Jun 17 2020
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GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 31 comments

Its inside the zip for matea - Jun 17 2020
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GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 31 comments

It dependa on which environment you use. The attached one already included works iwth mate.
Are you using cinnamon? - Jun 17 2020
Windows Vista Iconpack

Full Icon Themes by 97leviatan 8 comments

9 excellent

It Just works tm. Some small things we might discuss on dm private board here as a message. A good match to my condos series gtk3 theme or the Redmond- Windows themes from B00merang theming.

Just a question : Have you done xp like this too ? - Jun 15 2020
Linux Wallpaper 024 [4K]

Wallpapers Linux/Tux by Markospoko 3 comments

8 great

note that this rating is only about the artwork itself. - Jun 13 2020
Thanks for your upvote - Jun 11 2020
It is indeed. Hope you like using it - Jun 11 2020
Thanks for the upvote. - Jun 11 2020
Thanks am gald you like my theme - Jun 11 2020
Merci pour ton commentaire. Je suis tres contente que tu aimes mon design de gtk3 - Jun 11 2020

GTK3/4 Themes by matthewmx86 53 comments

9 excellent - May 23 2020

Sry there is also also always real live and i do make this in my free time but here is the icon them as promised - May 19 2020
Thx am very happy that you like it
B.t.w Devil Jaguar is planned and this leopard verssion will be updated soon. - May 06 2020
Ultimate gnome. But patched few things that it works slightly better on my system. If there is an interest i can upload my variant of it.Didn`t change much. - May 05 2020
https://imgur.com/bgqQI4i Like this? - May 04 2020
Thx - May 03 2020
And there i did need to implement the buttons hradients etc with css. So i did forget to change the radius back.
Thx for your feedback. Am glad you like the theme - May 03 2020
Do you mean the windows borders? If yes it will be done did just deactivate rounded border for debugging purposes. Gtk3 decorations need to match metacity. - May 03 2020
Sry for the very delayed reply. the bug should be fixed now, if not i will do it as fas as possible this time promised. - May 03 2020
Now there is an update. It gets titlebar support and the code has been updated to gtk 3.24. - Apr 06 2020

GTK3/4 Themes by eliverlara 99 comments

8 great - Mar 31 2020

GTK3/4 Themes by eliverlara 421 comments

9 excellent - Mar 31 2020
Plan to update all my themes, it is also in the list. It may take some time tough. Will do it next weeks. - Mar 30 2020

[url=https://imgbb.com/]mc host 23[/url] - Mar 30 2020
Inititially i liked to name it devel, but wrote devil instead. And there is another reason:
I am very hating this site very much:
So in the eyes of this group every custom theme is evil. So i took their preferred main theme e.g Adwaita and changed the relevant parts to get another look while using nearly the same coding style.

However it seems that in gtk4 they will have better and more human solutions to this problem. - Mar 30 2020
Use the window border of traditional ok and you get the full clearlooks experience. The themes are indeed very similar once you change the brown to blue. However i did my best to work out every difference.Post the gtk2 awf windows of both themes soon here that you can compare - Mar 30 2020
No the gtk theme itself is not. Just use the default window border of traditional ok. The tabs, scrollbars and checkboxes, color sheme, menu buttons ... almost evrything has different colors. In fact i wrote devil human after devil clearlooks but backportet some code to it pater - Mar 30 2020

GTK3/4 Themes by elbullazul 565 comments

10 the best - Mar 27 2020

GTK3/4 Themes by elbullazul 7 comments

10 the best - Mar 27 2020

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 8 comments

Thx, hope you enjoy using it !! - Mar 27 2020

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 8 comments

Thx for this very positive comment! - Mar 27 2020

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 8 comments

The theme itself is not designed for xwfm4. However upon your request i added a recolored theme of cleaarlooks for xfwm4 you should be able to use.Please look at the download section.

Could you somehow send me a screenshot how it looks on xfce? Since its based on adwaita and designed to be very compatible it runs on almost every possible gtk3 based setup if gtk is greater then 3.20 - Mar 27 2020
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes by juandejesuss 1742 comments

Redmond Themes @Elbullazul GTK 3.20+
Configured Disk Operating System @bluedxca93 GTK3.18 (20)
Currently most actual themes for gnome3
Have a job now too XD - Jul 27 2017
Configured Disk Operating System

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 6 comments

added now a version for 3.18.
A quick hack tomake it fit better the colors. - Feb 27 2017
i need to look on my harddisk if i have an port to 3.20 lying somewhere. 3.18 for ubuntu 16.04 i can provide without problems. 3.20 is a bit more problematic. They did change the design to scss. And i do now work with a 16.04 with gtk 3.20 in virtualbox which is not optimal at all. Is there any way to buy 16.10 and mint 18 dvds without much cost in germany? - Dec 27 2016
Hi, your method has some defaults but im glad you found the class to edit.
I am working on a new more future oriented version of aero. Soon i post my first prototype here. Perhaps you simply can create an issue on github aero-experimental branch. It would be a lot easier for me than posting comments here. - Nov 25 2016
background: repeating-linear-gradient(90deg,
rgba(255,255,255,0), rgba(255,255,255,0) 10px,
#8df179 0, #1c720c 23px )
That is just an idea. I do try to insert it tomorrow. so i can send you a patch file

I can maybe create a new branch featuring your idea. - Nov 21 2016
YlmfOs 2.0 -n GTK 3.10

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 8 comments

see cinnamon-settings Panel (or its translation check the first two of on boxes.
Its like a miracle im here again on gnome-look. ARe you a lv1 user?
- Jul 30 2016

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 32 comments


Not necessary at the moment. I do add one pnce it really is and its not like that `ll ever happen.
Just saw things in past i didn`t really want so did release it now partially under cc by nc nd. - May 11 2016

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 32 comments

now fixed.
- May 11 2016

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 32 comments

Please post output of:

gsettings get org.gnome.gnome-panel.layout object-id-list

Bug most likely is in line 25 of /apps/gnome-panel.css.
color: #000000;
instead of
color: green;
Do fix this soon next days(s) in meantime check the lightpanel option ( gtk.css -> gtk-main.css to gtk-main-lpanel.css).! Suppose its a litlle bit stabler.

And yes this has to be a invisible value, so if you see a green color that is a bug i didn`t expect.
My panel text is pure white.Am using gnome-flashback too. - May 06 2016

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 32 comments

Done. hope download works.
Yes you can use this theme on as much pcs as you want etc.. The only restriction is not redestributing it over internet.and those by CC BY NC ND . - May 04 2016

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 32 comments


you mean the text box showed up when hovering an label.? its white silver gray on gtk2 and yellow on gtk3. Do fix this next days atm no time sry. Make something new in both, to synchronize it .

regards bluedxca93 - May 02 2016

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 32 comments

well it can be set in unity tweak tool.

I didn't change background image.It would have been looking better , but i didn't do it cause that postwork is like cheating. Am soon checking if using nemo can improve result.

And am working on cinnamon theme part. it needs some optical rework.

You wroted about gtk3.20 if im not mistaken. Perhaps wait a bit. Gnome 3 had already versions nearly impossible to theme.

Wish 16.04 had 3.16 .

3.18 is nearly perfect but the linked headerbar toolbar buttons are nearly impossible to theme. Try to improve that later next week on my theme(s). Its a pain to look at ambiances code. Its in fact so buggy im thinking of extracting it from adwaita outputted css.

- Apr 27 2016

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 32 comments

xfce+compiz too.

Do just add unity support, but it does run better on
mint 18.

Cinn7+this gtk3 theme would be perfect. - Apr 26 2016

GTK3/4 Themes by blue-dxca93 32 comments

what thing ? can you sketch with pinkover the lement?
Then i could help you. - Apr 25 2016
Cinn7 (No longer updated here)

Cinnamon Themes by feren-os-team 20 comments


well the cinnamon theme itself will work and there will most likely not a win7 gtk3 theme on noobslab like the last one.

For 16.04 he could just link, use another or write his very own implementation.

- Apr 17 2016